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Brigitte Adofo Agyapong

Hi, I am author who likes to inspires, motivates, informs people to keep going and keep on believing in their dreams


Brigitte Adofo Agyapong is an International Published Author from Ghana with a readership in 57 countries around the globe.  Her readerships are in countries like Ghana, the United Kingdom, Germany, the US, Canada, India, and many more.

Brigitte is an ambitious, inspiring, and prolific author who loves to share every bit of her experiences and ideas with others. She loves to impact and to impact ``someone at the corner of the room`` who doesn't want to come out to use their potential. She is a believer in dreams, that no matter what dreams can come true.

She started discovering and fully working on her potential including writing, way back in 2015. Through the test of time, she has impacted many with her writings and inspiring speeches. She published her first book in April 2021, since then she has written more books to impact the world. Books are not the only way she use to impact the world, her speech too.  In the same year, she created her first podcast Elevate with Brigitte purposely to help people grow their mental, emotional state and Business.

Brigitte is a Management Consultant by profession and has helped small and medium businesses in diverse industries to solve their organizational problems. She has developed models and tools to solve problems in society. Analytical in nature, and creative in her dealings. She loves to initiative strategies that can help these companies grow, when it comes to models and tools in solving problems in businesses, her skill grows day by day, it includes business train model, sunshine models, 7 concepts of corporate branding, HR X performance tool and Industrial attractive models.



To impact nations, transform generations.


Brigitte-Agyapong-attended-a- book-launch

- On 28 August 2017, I created my first word in my debut manuscript. It was challenging for me but I managed to write a word and then a sentence.

Published my first book, Win You on 24th April 2021.

Got my first virtual interview with a poetess, and author Serwat Faisal in May 2021.

Had my first TV interview in Accra, Ghana on KTV.

I created the personal development class which goes live every month on Instagram. Now, known by followers as the 'live babe'. Engaged in a lot of interviews just to share the message of hope, greatness, and possibilities to others.

Created my first podcast, Elevate with Brigitte Podcast Show on October 3rd 2021 purposely to inspire, inform, and elevate listeners on how to grow their mental state and business.

I developed my first business model in 2017 and established my first-ever consulting business in that same year.

In 2014, I was dejected, confused, and eager to find my purpose, through that I partake in a conference  ``champions conferences`` organized by my local church, The Church of Pentecost, which pivoted to help people find their purpose and passion. I was so eager to know myself, my purpose, and my passion. Never regretted attending that event. Through Prayer, practice, and the power to do more, I was able to find what I wanted. Here I am, sharing the message of hope, possibilities, fulfilment on purpose, power, potential, and dream achievement. it is my greatest priority to see you realise more and more about yourself and abilities.

If you love these iconic moment of mine, I would love you to become an advocate of this mission-- Hope, Possibilities, fulfilments and greatness. 

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