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Notes Of Gratitude

All you need is a life of gratitude, and a dose of action.

The Notes of Gratitude book series immerses you in the realm of optimism and happiness. These books, intended to promote an attitude of thankfulness and appreciation. It contains motivational stories, insightful life lessons, and thought-provoking questions that will change your outlook on life.

I request you to join me on this trip because I firmly believe that expressing gratitude may enrich your life and offer you more happiness. Let us work together to spread positivity and love, producing a ripple effect of joy and fulfilment in the lives of others.

These books will motivate and encourage you to look deep within yourself and find the courage to take the necessary steps to manifest your goals into reality. Unlock your potential today and join me in this journey of self-discovery.

Gratitude Notes by Brigitte Agyapong, front cover

Gratitude Notes

Gratitude Notes is a moving account of pain, forgiveness, and healing told via journal entries. If you've ever felt guilty or harboured anger in the aftermath of adversity, this book will provide you with comfort and knowledge.

Through Thomas Aggrey's eyes, you'll see a story of survival and transformation following the devastating loss of his beloved father, as chronicled in the pages of his black hardcover journal. As Thomas navigates the complications of his history, he discovers the profound power of thankfulness and sets out on a journey towards better living and the realisation of his ambitions.

Join Thomas on his emotional journey as he discovers the essence of appreciation and accepts the teachings that will define his road to recovery and inner peace.

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Why get a copy of Gratitude Notes

Discover the habit of Gratitude through inspiring stories from different books  which constituent part of the series who have experience the twist, the turn, the happy and bad times all in search for happiness and gratitude in life.


They experienced a lot of pain but manage to get some sting of gratitude in them to push life. Tell their stories through their notes or journals
It contains stories of shame, self-blame, child emotional neglect, limiting beliefs and many challenges we might face in life regarding that.
You will  be equiped yourself on how to develop prompt for your journals, learn the basics of gratitude, practice and habit through their stories.

An Image of gratitude and better living

Gratitude Words to yourself

  • You are capable of overcoming any obstacle.

  • Your determination and perseverance are commendable.

  • Celebrate your successes, no matter how small.

  • Trust in your abilities and believe in yourself.

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