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3 Podcast Episodes to improve and change how you set and implement goals in life

Five Podcast Episodes on Elevate with Brigitte Podcast that can help you improve on your goals and achieve them

Are you a Podcast lover? Would like to listen to self improvement podcasts that will convince and move you to make an action in your life? Are you into goals? Have you set goals? Would you like to improve on it?

Then, this article will help you out with the podcast episodes that can improve your life. How do you set and utilize or implement these goals you have set?

Do goals really work? Yes, If you have ever asked this question to yourself over and over again. I would love to tell you that goals really work. We are in another year, a new year. It is a time of the year we set goals, countable number of goals we are daring to achieve. We make new year resolutions hoping it going to work but there are a lot of instances where we let hindrances and certain habit stops us.

Sincerely, there are instances we set goals and never work on them because we believe that when we set them, it will manifest and materialize in life our lives. “ A goal without an action plan and system to make it work is just mere goals “

We have a notion that “build it they will come” in a situation that implies when we create these goals we will achieve it because we have created the goals, but with goal setting and its implementation, it is the opposite. There is a need to set, develop systems to make it work. The information I have for you will help you out.

Reasons why our goals fails to be successful

Mere Goals

We are found in a society where goals setting is a necessity. We feel we have to set goals because our friends or family might ask us what our goals are and in order to be found in a state of not providing tangible goals. We tell them that we are going to achieve this and that without knowing why we need that and how we are going to let that come true. We say it because it just dropped in the mind just to say it. We know nothing about these goals. Mere Goals is one of the failures people face regarding goal setting and implementation. This problem we experience with goal setting affect us from making it into a reality. We never touch it or can recollect the goals we set.

Too much of Big goals

Goals without plans is just a wish. In the positivity world where we say positive things in life, dream big because when positive things goes into our mind, body it will yield positive, pushing us to manifest and set big goals. All these positivity, dream big, manifestation is a good thing which can drive our lives but we confuse ourselves. There is a difference between dreaming big and setting realistics goals. We mix long term goals for short term goals. The goals we would want to achieve in the next 3 to 5 years we put them on our year deadlines, meaning we want to achieve a long goals in a short pace which never allow us to attain goals. It’s too big to achieve them because the confusion we place for ourselves to achieve too much of our big goals.

We are never ready for our goals

The mind is everything in whatever we do. We need it to do alot of these things in life. Your readiness count when you want to set goals, it is all about preparing the mind that any goals you set works. Preparing the mind means you are ready to adapt to changes. When your goals or plans are not working there is a need to change your goal to suit your dreams, some people believe in the magical attainment of goals, they feel they don’t need it because everything is okay for them, why should they set these goals because they don’t see the need. It doesn’t matter if goals are working for you if things are moving on smoothly for you or not but to help you to be focused, develop directions to achieve your dreams.

Your readiness; readiness of the mind counts. Your readiness means you are preparing the mind for greatness and the readiness to achieve your dreams. If you have dreams you want to realize in life, then need to set goals, prepare a system to make it work.

Have you worked on your goals yet?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Maybe

Failure to develop a deep connection with goals

You don’t need to set goals because you have to set goals, some people fail due to the fact that they lack the connection with their goals. Comparism, doubt and fear can push people not be attached with the connection they have for their goals because the experience they have had in the society. This comes in when we want to implement our goals, there is nothing to keep us moving even when challenges hit hard not to work on our target. We need the connection to keep up with the implementation of goals set. The drive of setting that particular aim is missing in us because we are focused on what others are doing, what they are saying about big goals therefore we push our thoughts to these goals leading us to set unrealistic without the drive to keep us going even when circumstances hit, we feel we have to stop because the connection or feeling attached to that goal is out from us .


The fear of failure holds a mass number of personalities from engaging in setting goal and setting deadlines to meet them. The fear factor if I might say, there is fear of ‘ what if I fail’ therefore they don’t set goals to implement them. They have heard stories of goal setters who had high hopes of their goals and never materialized them therefore they might waste one of the most treasured resource, time on goal setting and its implementation.

Podcast resources for personal development

A perfect resource to turn the problems you face with goals to big wins.

Though, you might be faced with alot of hindrances like the above points, to stop you from achieving your big dreams. Here are 3 podcast episodes that can upgrade and improve your goals and change your life to the better, all on Elevate with Brigitte Podcast Show.

Reflect on your Goals

This episode will take you on the essence why you must reflect on the goals you set in the previous year, paves the way for your success and flaws and takes you on a journey to reflect and set goals for the maximum success you need in your life or anything that matters to you. With this episode, all you need is a ready mindset which is ready to learn and apply it in your daily life. In addition a resource is available to help you reflect on your goals here .

Discover the hindrances that might stop you from achieving these goals.

There are a lot of hindrances and challenges that often affect how we see goals and use them. This put us in a state of "never work on these goals" because of different problems we might think or seen pushing us not to work on them. This episode will show the different type of hindrances that affect us and the different types of people who allow challenges to struck them hard never to opt for goal setting or its implementation, in fact it is out of their dictionary or daily activity they do. This episode will help you know your stances and help yourself with the solution all in one episode.

How to develop a deep connection with your goals

This is one of the episode on the show that solves the problem of people not developing a connection, a feeling for their goals. The episode will teach you how to develop a deep connection with your goals because this is going to help you implement your goals.

A little thing about the Podcast Show, Elevate with Brigitte Podcast show

Elevate with Brigitte Podcast Show is a self improvement and educational Podcast by Brigitte Adofo Agyapong, purposely for individuals who want to learn more to grow themselves. It is a perfect place for people who want to be inspired and get the motivation they want to push, higher into the light. It serves as a learning place to help them out.

Areas the Podcast show highlight on are:-

• Motivation and dream actualization

• Emotions

• Writing and Therapy

• Daily practice of life

• Goal setting

Elevate with Brigitte is available on Spotify, Google Podcast, Amazon Music, Audible, Stitcher, Podvine, TuneIn, RadioPublic, Pocketcast, Player fm and can be streamed on my website

Would you want to achieve your goals ? I would like to read your response on it.

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