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Unleash your true potential

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Start your Journey to self-discovery and purpose here

Self discovery and unleashing true potential should not be stressful at all. Build the life you want from the 3 Ps of success with Brigitte. 


The 3Ps to Self-Discovery and Success

Are you struggling to know yourself?


This will help you out.

Self discovery is one step to success and can be a bit hectic, tiring and confusing. It sometimes difficult to find and know yourself in order to start working on your dreams and succeed with it.

The 3 Ps are Purpose, Passion and Potential, through experience with myself and others, I realized you need these to harness your greatness and fulfillment and can take a long way to go if you are not self aware.

Since I have been through this journey and dilemma before, which took me years; more than a decade to find who I really was. It was confusing and Unfulfilled. Due to this experience, I don't want you to experience long years of searching, and  unfulfilled just to to discover  yourself and true potentials to make good use of it to achieve your dreams and wants.

I will help you to find who you are, discover your true self, unleash your true potentials, use them, achieve your dreams with it and help others too.

The Vital point of 3Ps Coaching way is to find, use, achieve and impact others.

Are you ready to unleash your true potentials now?

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Coaching Way

Mega Grow

Mega Grow

What you have to know about the package?

  • This covers everything about yourself, you will be assisted and guided on how to unleash your true self. With this, you will uncover all the 3Ps about self awareness, know more about yourself, and it is tailored according to your needs

More about the package

  • You will uncover your purpose, passion and potential.

  • Access to free 1 hour coaching call per quarter.

  • One-on-one coaching, also you can enjoy Email, and in-person mode of coaching.


  • Resources to help you out.

  • Follow ups

  • Enjoy a free and paid option

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The Purpose Place


  • Pacesetter Coaching Package is for individuals who want to unleash their true potentials in one of the 3 Ps of true self and dream actualization.

  • Access to specialized assistance regarding your needs.

  • 1 Hour free coaching call per quarter.

  • Access to one-on-one coaching 

  • Resources to help you out.

  • Follow ups

  • Access to free or paid

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