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Dreams must fly up
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Are you ready to turn your dream business or project into reality but feeling stuck in the starting phase? This masterclass is designed for you! Join us to gain insights, strategies, and practical tips to overcome common hurdles and kickstart your entrepreneurial journey with confidence.

100 % online


Equiped with tools

What you will learn

Identifying Your Passion

Discover how to pinpoint your true passion and leverage it to build a successful business.

Craft Your Vision

Learn how to articulate a clear vision for your business or project and create a roadmap to achieve it.​

Overcome Challenges

Explore common obstacles faced by startups and how to overcome them effectively.

Mindset Mastery

Understand the importance of mindset in entrepreneurship and develop resilience to overcome setbacks

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Why Choose the Kickstart Masterclass

Expert Guidance

Benefit from insights and advice from seasoned entrepreneurs who have successfully launched their own ventures

Interactive Learning

Engage interactive session with other participants

Weekly Classes

Partake in a 4 week masterclass filled with tools  which is value at $1000.00

Actionable Strategies

Actionable strategies to help you out 

Get the book

You will get the free book from me to help kickstart your dreams which is value at $ 100.00

Access to coaching

You will get  2 hour coaching call which is value at $ 120 per hour

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