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Light up your energy with Lift it High.  Build up  positive vibes, zeal and grit with content inside this book. It contains 58 motivational message to uplift your reality.

The paperback of Life It High Book available on Amazon

The Passion is yours, Use it.

Move higher into the light

Be You

Chapters/Messages Inside Lift it High

The paperback of Liftit High in frontof a desktop computer wit beautiful table set up in Toronto Canada

Areas Lift it High Talks about


Lift it High will guide you on an intriguing journey to discover the true meaning of life and fulfil your soul's greatest wishes. Its step-by-step approach helps you discover your purpose and live a meaningful life.


Visualise and then manifest. This resource is packed with inspiring quotes to spark your creativity and urge you to action. It provides a structured approach that allows you to visualise and create magnificent graphics for your goals, inspiring you to bring your ideas to fruition.


Discover the underlying truth of "Lift it High," which states that a weak mind turns challenges into impossible challenges. This book contains profound messages that serve as the foundation for making your aspirations a reality and achieving ultimate fulfilment.


Positivity is the greatest fuel for life and dreams, carrying you through every high and low. When faced with adversity, this book serves as a beacon of hope, lifting your spirits and directing you to greater levels of accomplishment and resilience.

An Image of Lift it High on a beautiful table setup in a canada
Lift it High motivational Book on a calligraprahy table in Ontario, Canada
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