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Lift It High

Light up your energy with Lift it High.  Build up your energy, zeal and grit with content inside this book. It contains 58 motivational message to uplift your reality.


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Areas Lift it High talks about

Exercept inside

Finding purpose means finding your path and direction in life. It always keeps you and rekindles your energy to face the realities of life. Whether good or bad, purpose needs to be accomplished. With purpose, you know when to start, stop, pause, and continue on the endeavour you are embarking on.

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Why Lift It High is a right choice for you

Lift it High serves as an inspirational and motivational booster for your dreams.

These dreams are going to work again with this book

It contains 58 motivational messages to uplift your dreams into reality. All your dreams can come true backed with your ready mindset and willingness to succeed

Lift It High is equipped with activities, and frameworks to bring your life success into being

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Lift it High on an art collage surface

What readers say

" I do know that I resonates with everything she writes. There are pages where I feel she is the positive push that wont let me stop my journey to writes and writes better. Anyone who read "Win You" can identify her eloquent style that make sure you win yourself. 
Lift it High is another big step  for brightening our lives with your words specially when darkness is easily adapted."

Serwat Faisal (Canada)- Author, Poet, Calligraphy Artist

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