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Writing concisely : Discover 3 creative reasons why you need to write more

Updated: May 15, 2023

Do you follow my work?

If you follow me on various platforms and on my website. You will realize one thing across all these platforms I exist on, Apart from sharing messages of hope and motivation across my platforms. You will realize I love writing a lot.

Writing Journal on thought and motivation

If you are wondering why I write so much, then this is for you.

Here are three reasons why I write more

how to share a message to impact others

Share A Message to impact people

The number one reason why I write is to share a message to help others change their lives. This is what I believe in, I believe that one way we can learn is to share a message to help others. There are over millions of people who are willing to change their lives through the values and significance you provide in the message in your writings. Whatever message you have inside of you, let it out to impact others too, change people lives and in doing so, you will learn whole a lot from one single thing you share to help others.

Grow with habit

What makes habit stick to oneself? The main activity or action that makes habit forms part of our personality is repeated actions leading to routines. The more we repeat specific actions over time. The mind then becomes conscious of these actions convincing you to do it each day and time. It becomes part of your DNA which you govern or rule life with. Guess what, You can make writing your habit too. Frequently doing so makes a habit from it and you are able to improve over time. You advance in your writing style and improve on the creativity of your nature. You don't need to continuously write a book before you create a habit even your morning routines like journaling your thoughts, emotions, and ideas over time can push you to develop a writing habit for a better tomorrow. Within one year, I would gladly say I have written over 5 books and have seen improvement from one manuscript to another. Being creative is kind thing you can change your life with. There is a saying which goes practice makes us perfect, there is one thing for sure practice without learning and change won't make you perfect, so practice, learn, change and perfect yourself.

I love writing

I just love writing because I see it as an avenue to express myself, and share my voice. In a way, this art is a way of giving the voiceless a voice to stand for their lives, change their life and improve on their personal growth. I share my experience and story to change and impact people's lives. I feel at peace when I write to transform the minds of others, which I literally learn from it too.

In conclusion, I would like to ask you this. Why do you write? I need you to tell me the reasons why you do so. I can't wait for it. For the opposite side, Why do you want to write.



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