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A message to you, an Aspiring Author. How to start your dream book

Updated: May 22

"I have an idea I want to write a book" This is what you often tell yourself anytime a book writing idea pops inside your imaginative module.

Great! Well done on this initiative you planned on doing. I would like to ask this: Have you written down anything about the story you want to bring out?

If I would guess, there is no manuscript to show about this story you hope to bring out or you have started the writing project but you are stuck on the way, just like I did.

Dreams without action are meaningless. It is time to sit down, jot down your ideas, and plan and write them. That is it. It is possible but never easy.

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How to prepare your mind

Freewriting tools to use

Writing resources

Everyone has an idea, especially ideas regarding literature: books, only a few are able to pen down their ideas into a book for others to read.

Book writing requires inspiration, determination, perseverance, and many more virtues to make it work. Don't worry. I am here to inform you that if you have the book ideas and you have the strong will to do it, go for it, who knows, it might motivate and impact someone out there looking forward to your advice or creative story to keep their life going.

It took me 3 years to complete my first book, Win You: An Introspective journey of finding yourself knowing your potential, and harnessing them for greater heights and ultimate success.

Actually, I was in the second group some years back, I started writing but got stuck due to the imposter syndrome of doubt and the thought of waiting before I become famous in order to write and publish a book. Though I stop on the way, I never gave up on the thought that I needed to write a book. 2 years later, I started writing my first manuscript from scratch and now it is published and on the market selling.

I just want to tell you that you can also write your dream book and impact someone out there. If you have the willpower to do it. Just do it.

Let`s discover more about book writing.

How to prepare the mind


In order to prepare your mind for this writing journey. There is a need to ask yourself these questions.

  • What message am I sending across?

  • Do I have enough experiences and encounters to add up in my book?

  • What is my main objective for this book and myself?

  • Can I stand the test of fear and doubt?

  • How prepared is the mind for this journey?

Note that these questions are not to judge you or put you on the edge of fear or self-sabotage but to help prepare the mind for greatness. Guess what! NO one is perfect to genuinely write a book, we all have flaws and mistakes. Now, let's digest these questions and more. You need to ask yourself these questions in order to give a clearer path for this book and yourself.

  • What is the message I want to send across?

Identify the vital point of your message. Why this message? This is all about the reasons why you want to send the message out. Who is the message for? and what is the depth of the message? Maybe you are writing a book on depression. You have to decide the in-depth of the message. Is the message element going to have an inspirational element and information to readers? Think deeply about the message you have.

  • Do I have enough experiences and encounters to add up in my book?

With the message you have on board, Have you personally experienced it or did someone near you experience it? If your answer falls in each one of them, you can still write the book. You don't need to have a great number of experience with the message before you will be qualified to write on it. For experiences, I think it doesn't matter the number of years but in-depth of experiences, effects, and lessons learned that matter.

Never tell yourself you are imperfect because it is an understatement for your identity and dreams.

  • What is my main objective for this book and myself?

Know your objective for your book and yourself. Discover what you will like to gain as a result of the book being published and your priority for your book. Are you looking for credibility? impact, or to sell more products for your business. What is your main objective? Find them out.

  • Can I stand the test of fear and doubt?

These two feelings are one of the major problems you will face as an author. How can you stand it when you experience one? Are you going to quit ? or fight it to win your challenges? How prepared is the mind to win over fear?


How prepared is the mind?

How prepared is your mind to write this book? How far can you go?

You can prepare the mind with the use of positive words (affirmations to guide your path). Start journaling. Use mastering journals and author journals to help you prepare for your writing journey as an author. If you start writing, the mind will prompt you on the priority of writing a book and selling more books so each time you would love to work on it.

Use a vision board and prepare roadmaps to direct you to your goals and its implementations.

Writing Resources for you

Every author needs facts or information they can use to assist them write their dream book. If you are aspiring to write your non-fiction books you need research materials that will serve as your references for your books. There are whole a lot of books or textbooks in bookstores, retailers' platforms, and more, in different niches and categories.

Each genre has a way of writing. When you choose memoirs it has the way it appears to readers because they are represented in a story form and highlighted in a particular form/theme and if you decided you are writing in the self-help genre you can use life stories backed with tips and methods to help readers. This is done by reading books in your genre and guide books that can help you to write. I learned how to write my self-help book through books I bought on Amazon and in my local bookstores, not forgetting youtube videos. It really helped me and assisted me to find my writing voice. These resources I recommend can help you to discover more about your genre.

Below are the few selected books I believe can guide you in writing. They are sourced from Amazon.

Published: The proven path from Blank Page to 10,000 copies sold By Chandler Bolt. This is the Second edition of this book and is great for both aspired authors and authors. It will pave the way from the planning of your book to completion which includes mind mapping, research, and more. It also gives you strategies to sell more copies after you are done with the book release. I used the first edition of this book and it helped me publish my first book and sold close to 10,000 copies within a year and still selling.

Get It Published: A Guide to shake off your fears, Turn your idea into a draft, and complete the Non-Fiction book you have always dreamt of by Brigitte Adofo Agyapong. It is live now and my first book on writing. It is five-book series that includes writing, publishing, and selling more copies of your non-fiction book.

It pays more emphasis on overcoming fears and doubt and will help you finish the book you have always dreamt of. It will take you on a journey on how to overcome your fears, plan your book and write your best-selling non-fiction book.

Self-Publish & Succeed: The no boring books way to write non-fiction books that sell by Julie Broad. If you want a book that teaches you everything about book writing in a jovial way then this is a choice for you. As the subtitle depicts, it will help you write more books in a conversational way including how to publish and sell well on Amazon and other marketplaces.

Freewriting tools you can use

Previously, writers were using typewriters to write their books though some writers do use them. Now there are a lot of software applications people use to write more books. This software is used by writers and other professionals in any field. They are free to use and do not require complicated training to use them.

  1. The commonly used one recommended by publishers is Microsoft Word.

With this software, all you need is to buy the software which is the Microsoft office suite attached with other apps like Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more. You don't need complicated training in order to use them and you don't have to use internet coverage to write and store information. All you need is you have the software and it will be able to run on your computer and your readiness to use it.

Microsoft word
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2. Google Document

It is part of the google apps you have installed for you when you have access to your Gmail account meaning if you have an account with google you can use Google Docs. All you need is the internet to autosave the document and it can be stored in your google drive for future use. One thing about Google Docs is you will be able to retrieve your lost documents so far as you stored them in your Google Drive and can remember your email address and passwords. You have your document intact.

Check out more content on my writing journey on my blog. I hope you enjoy it.

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