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Author`s Writing Journey to publishing

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Mood tracking journal on a table, a book to help readers control and track their habit, manage their negative emotions or bad moods.

Welcome to this month's writing journey with Author Brigitte Adofo Agyapong. Suppose you are new to my blog. This is a feature on the blog where I share my writing journey, monthly tasks regarding my book, and some flaws I might encounter on the way.

The reason why I share this:

I share my writing journey with you because I want you to develop the art of writing as a habit. Writing something on a piece of paper or in a notebook can help you share your thoughts, and ideas in life, even the problems you encounter. For this reason, I am not focusing on the problems you encounter around you. When you make writing your habit you train the mind to always remind you of your goals and ideas you have in mind. It also encourages memorization and learning. One way to study is through note-taking through writing. It is advisable to learn by jotting down points and areas in many learning materials used for the study.

Writing Therapy for Personal growth

Writing is a feeling. Yes, it is. Writing is a therapy. This is it, most therapists in mental health and emotional health space recommend writing as a means of healing. Writing off your feelings, pain, and joy can help repair broken inner wounds that prevent your happiness and peace of mind. The habit of using emotional journals is perfect to grow your mental state and manage all the emotions you encounter in life.

Share an impact story

Last but not least with writing you can share a message. If you wondered how to share advice, inspiration, and tips to help people around you, think of writing as a means to share your impact story. You can write on any topic you show interest in. Just share it.

Join me as I take you on the journey

My Previous month's goal ( March)

In the month of March, my goal was to finish the second draft of a manuscript I am working on, Lift It High where I had to add quotes and stories to the manuscript to make it exceptional and do a self-edit but at the end of March, I can say I only achieved 90% because I didn't finish it and didn't give it to a beta reader.

April Update

My Goal

My goal for April is to finally complete the third draft, add quotes, stories, and activities, self-edit, give it to a beta reader and make corrections, and then give it to a publisher.

Success on April Writing goals

In April, I was able to add quotes and stories and all the things I think can be added to my manuscript. I self-edit and gave it to a beta reader who came back with some corrections of which I came back to do all the necessary corrections. Oh my gosh, finally it is with the Publisher.

I can officially say I accomplished my April goals for my book writing and I am happy about this because I will be using a book to impact people around the world.

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