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Behind The Scenes of my New Book: Discover an author Journey to Book Publishing

Updated: May 22


Writing a book has been part of my life ever since I discovered my purpose and a new me. I decided to write my first book, and I did, now, I am about to see the manifestation of another work to the global market, a new book.

This post is to show you how I am working behind the scenes to make this masterpiece a success. Join me as a take you on a tour.

Plan the book

Everything starts with a Plan. The title of the book is ``The Search Workbook``. One day, I sat on my couch, what happens next, Let me tell you. I had a trigger from my sense and then interpreted to me that ``Why don`t you write a Workbook on Purpose so that it can guide others to achieve their purpose``. Before my mind was able to process this result, I realized that there is a lot of emptiness, space that needs to be filled to make people lives fulfilled because I saw the scene on how people around me were behaving in a way, like their lives were controlled anyhow, I mean they don't know where they are going in fact acted meaningless.

I said to myself `` Why all this, I thought people are embracing the fact that their purpose needs to be fulfilled, Then I need to write a book to guide people to achieve theirs also as I have already achieved mine.`` This is how the Search Book Idea came to being.

Immediately, I picked up my phone and wrote it in one of the app Notebooks on my phone, wrote according to how I received it, with no addition and subtraction. I usually journal on Sundays, On Sunday, I picked my Journal to record everything.

In my book Planning, I ask a series of questions to assess the audience, benefit, promise, and feasibility of the idea; I did my necessary research to assess the idea, it was feasible. Gosh!, Let the planning begin! I continue with the process, I did my Mind mapping and road Map on the project, Develop an outline for the book, started researching the materials and resources to be used including my experiences and observations, and many other resources, and started writing.


Before I started writing, I set and developed my end dates and schedules to help me write. I also prep my mind to stick to these goals and ensure I achieve my end results.

I started writing, stick to my plan and outline, did my first and second draft, gave my manuscript to beta readers. After the feedback, make my final correction which is the final draft, and finally, Ah, gave it to my Publisher, The Publishing firm started the publishing process whilst I sit back to receive their efforts and feedback. Writing can sometimes be boring but a joyful act also. Goodness, I have finished my writing. Now, it's time for Publishing.

Cover Reveal

Previous Stage -Book Publishing

Now my book cover is out. Also, my Publisher is working on my layout and other processes.

A pre-order was announced in the month of February and will be Launching the Book in the Month of April. The book will be released on 11th April 2022 via these platforms

The Search Workbook will be available on Amazon, Nook, Apple Books and Kobo.

You can pre-order the book via my author platform

Listen to the Pre-order Announcement via Elevate with Brigitte Podcast Show


Meet The Author



Brigitte Adofo Agyapong is an Author, Management Consultant, and a Podcaster.

She is the author of Win You: An Introspective Journey of Finding yourself, knowing your potentials and harnessing them for greater heights and Ultimate selling in over 10 countries and counting. Aside from this, She has journals too, more especially emotional journals.

Find more about her via

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