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How to start journaling: Four basic reasons why you need a journal

Updated: May 22, 2023

I hope you have seen and heard a countable number of authors, therapists, and coaches do recommend the art of journaling. This is not just about the recommendation they give. Actually, the words they say works. It works, there are no two ways about it.

Journaling is the art of recording or writing down your thought and feelings on activities you show interest in. It might be your goals, future plans, feelings, and much more life priority of yours. Authors like myself, Robin Sharma, Ryan Holiday, Austin Kleon, Oscar Wilde, Henry David Thoreau just to mention a few have recommended the habit of journaling your life activities in their books.

Here are four reasons why you should start journaling.

A gratitude journal

1. Tracking

Have you considered tracking your activities in a journal? If yes, continue with the great work. For no, I will say you can give it a shot. It is the perfect place to record all your progress, flaws and keep note of the changes you do to your body or business. Tracking journals come in different forms which include project tracking journals, mood tracking journals, menstruation journals, and a lot more. With this type of benefit, you are able to sincerely monitor your performance in a designated reason why you are tracking in the Journal. Assuming, you decided to use a project tracking journal, you will be able to monitor all projects you were able to accomplish in a certain period of time, state the reason why it delayed thus reasons why you weren`t able to accomplish it, the resources you need to accomplish your projects, why you weren't able to meet the project period deadline and many more.

2. Goals Setting

Goal Setting is an important aspect of our life. We set personal, educational, career, life goals, Just to mention a few. We set goals all the time. We start new initiatives with new ideas then goals, plans, and finally action. Keeping track of our goals is a good thing to do. As part of achieving our purpose in life, we need to set goals and ensure we follow these goals. SMART Method of goal setting helps us to set long and short-term goals in order to make our action works. We need to record these goals in a journal to assess the accomplishment of our goals. This will help you to decide on the goals you will accomplish in the month, quarterly bi-monthly and yearly, also you will be able to determine how you will execute these goals. We all make plans for our new years' resolution, these are part of goals setting, the problem we have to understand is when to set long and short-term goals. Journals help with that since you will be writing all out inside a book, the journal is here to help your memory system to reflect on what you want to accomplish. Indirectly, it serves as a medium of informing the mind to input your goals into action by the tap of your subconscious mind, thus it motivates you that you need to fulfill this life goal you have set.

3. Emotional Release

How to release your emotions

Emotion is a very important thing in our body. We communicate with people, and inside the body with it. Each day we express the maximum number of emotions with ourselves and other people. Happy, sad, joy, annoying, excited, guilty, horrible are some aspects of emotions we share. There are more emotions we share than this. Sometimes, it makes it very difficult to identify if you are happy or sad, you just don`t feel okay. You can't even say the type of emotions you experience. This is when Emotional journals come into place, you will record as you feel and flow. Record as you feel in your being. As many words you can write, just write it. Journals help to release our pain from the experience we attract into the body, later pushing us into a different way of life from our usual self. A release journal helps to free emotions especially negative emotions out because it will affect your mental and emotional wellbeing. When you are able to write your feelings and emotions in a journal you renew your emotions and grow your mental state.

4. Inspiration


Who is your inspiration? What is your inspiration? With journals, you have the power to motivate and inspire yourself. This is done by adding or writing down your affirmation daily, belief system, and quotes. Reflecting on these acts of your life will inspire you to keep on going and pushing. It raises your willpower high to reach greatness.

What decision are you going to take in life? Are you ready to grow yourself, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically?

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