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How to change circumstances with a book?

Updated: May 22, 2023


You wondering if this is possible. Yes, it is.

The circumstances you face now can be changed with a book. You can do it because others did it too.

You can do it only by reading, taking notes, and utilizing them. You can read any book and benefit from it more especially when you read non-fiction books since they are based on facts and life experiences, you can learn from the experiences and encounters of others.

Join me and let me show you how.

Here are some of the benefits of reading a non-fiction book.

Reading upgrades the Brain

Generally, when you read books it strengthens connections in the brain which improves learning and memory. It is noted that a brain that reads books lives longer and also serves as food for the brain.

You will learn about facts of life

When you pick a nonfiction book you will have the opportunity to learn about facts in life. Grab and self-assess the experience people and or the writer or Author has experienced and pick lessons from it. This can be in a form of memoirs, self-help books, business books, psychology books, religious or spiritual books, and many more.

Decision-making skills are developed

Apart from learning from the life lessons of others, you are able to exhibit the skills of problem-solving, decision making skill because you give yourself the chance to learn from their experience, then the mind makes suggestions on how to solve similar problems relating to the message from the book.

Develop creative abilities

I usually develop my creative skills and initiative when I read books. This happens to me when I read self-help, business book, psychological books, and religious book. I then take the time to create ideas as I read. It allows my imagination abilities to come out fully, so, it increases the brain's ability to create new ideas.

In fact, with Non-fiction books, there are numerous benefits you can gain but these are just a few, I can say.

How to benefit and change circumstances with a non-fiction book.

Getting the right book at the right time is the best option you can do to support your life. Now, How do you transform your life from zero to hero? Let get on it.


Be eager you want to read

The first step you have to do is to prepare your mind that you are ready to change your circumstances around. Programme the mind for change. The mind is you because you have absolute control of your life.

Scan your life

Assess your life and discover which type of books you need. What area would you like to change or upgrade? You know what you want so find it out. Let say you have difficulty saving money, so with this, you will need money management books, or have a problem with keeping your timing right, then you should search for books on time management or productivity books.

Picking the right resources that suit your needs

Get the right resources at the right time. With books, there are whole a lot of book distribution platforms such as Amazon, Kobo, Apple Books, Barnes and Nobles, Scrid, Blinkist, and many more. Sometimes, you might get confused with the right books that suit your problem or desire, but book bloggers and Book influencers can help you out because they give recommendations, Book reviews, quotes, and advice the authors send across. They can help with the right books for you. These are some examples of influencers that can help out, Bookthinkers, powerbybooks, bookreadersclub,bookmattic all on Instagram.

Prepare yourself

Prepare yourself. Get a notebook aside where you can grab the information when you need them. This will help you write down all the tips, advice, quotes from the book regarding the points the author made inside the book. It also serves as an avenue for reference to be used to solve the problem of why you bought the book.

Get your pen or a bookmark read.

Use a pen to write your points and a bookmark to remind you where you left so that you can continue anytime you pick it up instead of starting the whole book again.

Locate your reading venue.

Pick a location where you think it will be suitable for you to read. A serene environment will pave the way to grab more information into your brain. it can be your couch, bed, chair, library or garden. Know the right location that can help you.

Read and take note

As you read, take note. You can also use a highlighter to highlight the important point you want to note down. You can also use sticky papers to write all the quotes you have from the book and organise them according to topic types.

Each day after reading, go through your notes.

Pick reading schedules. if your reading schedule is to read daily, stick to the plan and if you can not meet it you can reschedule to different days of the week in order to read them. Go through your notes when you are done. Reading will help you memorize them and stick to the mind.

Prepare the mind you want to start using it.

Start using them. For all these initiatives to be effective in your life. There is a need to utilize it in your life. After reading the desired book, take a closer look at your life. Set goals again, initiate systems that will make it work, and ensure you work with it.

Introducing a book to you

Win You; An Introspective journey of finding yourself knowing your potentials and harnessing them for greater heights and ultimate success is a personal development book that will give you all the information you will need to turn circumstances around, aside from this you will be inspired as well.

Reasons why you need a copy of Win You

Win You Book

Win You provide all the tips and advice to you if you purposely want to utilize your potentials to greatness because you are given the avenue to redefine your identity and discover yourself really well and push you to stand upright tall in what you do. You will develop a habit of self-love and learn how to solve personal issues relating to fear, worry, anxiousness and many more.

Also, you will be enlightened on the power of the mind and how to use it well covering how to use imagination well, understand others and yourself and influence others too.

and last but not the least, it guides you on how to start pursuing your passion and use them to achieve your dreams in life.

There are more to come in Win You; An Introspective journey of finding yourself knowing your potentials and harnessing them for greater heights and ultimate success.

Bonus. You are given the space to write your thoughts and the lessons you have learned from the book.


Meet the Author


Brigitte Adofo Agyapong is the Author of Win You An Introspective journey of finding yourself knowing your potentials and harnessing them for greater heights and ultimate success. Her Books has readership in 12 countries across America, Asia, Africa and Europe and counting. She is a Business consultant and a Podcaster.

She recently launched her new podcast, Elevate with Brigitte, Tune in also to get similar and more like these from her.

Visit her site to learn more about what she does:

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