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Finding Happiness: How to smile again in times of struggles and bad encounters?

Updated: May 22, 2023


Chess. Have you smiled today? Why?

Or are you sad because of the challenges you are facing? Life is an adventure we do know nothing about what will happen. It is filled with ups and downs, ugly experiences, and exciting experiences but still we have to keep it going. Don't let the challenges, trials, or situations you are facing deprived you of your happiness. Just smile at your problems. Now, I want you to discover something special about yourself. It's time to SMILE. You will learn why you should smile and how to smile when you face a challenging time.

Smiling is part of our emotions, we exhibit it to show our inward feeling on ourselves, things we see in the environment, and the experiences we encounter every day. It is showcased on your face. Our facial experience tells it all.

How do we smile?

We all smile in our lives, if you have not done it before I guess you did it once in a lifetime. We all smile.

We smile by lifting our cheeks up with or without showing our teeth, creating a geometry line between the cheeks and the nose. Smiling is a conscious action of the body. Like the one shown in the image below. It is usually seen when someone is happy or in laughter mode.


Why you don't want to smile?

A close friend once told me

Brigitte, Have you ever be annoyed before?

I smiled at her, yes, absolutely, I do get annoyed sometimes. I believe a smile on your face changes everything for you and someone near you. I personally believe in the saying, ``just smile``. Why have you decided not to smile? if I would guess, it might be a big blow of challenges that hit you. You never expected to be experiencing this behavior. Here you are with a blow of serious challenges. I know it hurt and was painful. Never know how you are going to get out of it. Sleepless nights of worry, blaming yourself, and crying with a notion that it might bring a stop to your plights or reduce it a bit. All your actions to change the situation were to no avail. I don't know exactly why you decided not to smile at people.

An experienced lead to that, right? I will give you the comfort you need in your life. If your minimal smiling is due to the experiences you have been through. I wanted to crack jokes with a friend of mine. Anytime I do so, she doesn't smile or laugh. It's hard for her to smile or laugh at certain things. This can be her way of life due to some encounters and experiences, especially negative experiences. She hardly smiles even if certain things need to be laughed at or smiled at. Whatever might be the cause of not giving room to smiles to yourself and others. I believe there is a root problem associated with this.

You know you don't just wake up one day and say, I won't smile again. There is the reason why you decided that you have to embark on this, not to relates with yourself and people around you with this gesture.

The message I have for you regarding this is, you can smile again even in challenges

The Benefits to gain when you smile.


#1 Smiling Elevates Mood

The act of smiling elevates our mood. Our smiles are part of the mood identification type which falls under happiness. Notably, when you smile it represents happiness. Our smiles express how we are feeling to others and the people around us. It expresses our joy and elevates how we are feeling in communicating with others and ourselves.

#2 Reducing Ageing

According to science, smiling reduces the chances of aging. It relaxes the facial muscles to smoothen most wrinkles on the surface of the skin of the face, therefore, muscles found on our face are able to relax making one have younger facial quality.

#3 Reduces Pain

Imagine the pain you are going through now, suddenly someone appears and behaves making you laugh and smile, resulting in the relief of your pain a bit. Sometimes, we might experience unhappy days suddenly a friend said something to you which made you laugh. You will take a load off your pain when you smile. Just smile, don`t let the struggles overshadow your day. Smile.

#4 Smiles increase the immune System

Being happy boosts the immune system through the release of dopamine which increases our level of happiness and excitement. It activates the antibodies in the body to be stronger since the body has left the state of negative affectivity thereby increase your chances to fight disease and live longer.

#5 Smiling is contagious

People often refer to, draw close to individuals who smile and are lively because a regular smile can be contagious and translate the habit to another through repeated actions and experiences. If you are near someone who looks sad every day you intend to copy their behavior through pity and with the law of attraction. Be an agent of transformation to someone out there through your smiles.

What you can do if you want to smile this time when you face challenges.

  • Understand that situations are never permanent and that they are just passing through your life. Time changes. Anything can change for you.

  • Redefine your life what exactly you can do in life. Determine and genuinely list activities of priority in your life. Do you always wish you want to be sad always? I believe no. In reality, it's the opposite. List your future goals.

  • Discover what makes you happy. Everyone has a code of happiness that actually makes them happy. Find out for yourself.

  • Close your ears from comparison. Stop comparing yourself to others. Know that you are unique no matter what. What makes your closest friend happy can't be the same as yours.

  • Be satisfied with what you have. Look to yourself. Stop the inadequacy.

  • Stand in the mirror, affirm strongly, positively, and show a high level of courage and believe in them. Do this daily.

  • Start smiling... See these challenges as opportunities in disguise. Smile each day, continue smiling

  • Do and share something. Do and share something you show interest in. It might be your hobbies, job, chatting with friends. Just practice them with love. Share the interest with others if you discover that you love certain hobbies, share with loved ones, don't hesitate to continue with this. Go forward and smile. Share and Smile.

Are you ready to take a bold step to smile again?

Thank you for reading this post. Share this post with loved ones who might need this.

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