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Journaling 101: How to live and manage your life with Journaling

Updated: May 22, 2023


Have you started journaling yet? Journaling is the art of writing down your thoughts, feelings, and plans which can be used now or in the future. Most people are embracing the use of journals because it has whole a lot of benefits for the mental health and physical health of your body and apart from that, you will be able to achieve your goals in life. Would you like to start? Here is a kick-start procedure to help you with that. In a meantime, you can find the importance of using a journal here.

How to start the habit of journaling today

Prepare your mind

Everything starts with planning, and when you want to start the habits of journaling, you will need a mindset. A mindset that you want to change your way of life in order to assist you to create a journal of any type and for different purposes. Prepare your mind for change and let it serve as an avenue to keep you on track. In the process of preparation, ask yourself these questions.

1. Why do I need a journal?

2. How will I benefit from this art

3. Will anything be a hindrance to me?

Identify the type of journal you want to begin with

Now, you have prepared the mind that you want to change your life and therefore a journal can help you improve life and keep track of your progress and correct the flaws. What type of journal do you need at this particular point in time? Is it a journal for goals or your projects or moods/emotions? You know what you want and why you need that journal. Let say, you want to start working on your dreams so you decided to pick a journal for your goals. Let me ask this, what is the reason why you choose this journal because there are whole a lot of journals around but you decide to pick this type of journal to start with. Know your reason, actually; you know what you want so you have to know the reasons behind your choice.

Pick a day you will be using for journaling

Decide on a writing plan, thus, when you want to start. Identify when you want to start, and pick a day and time which will work for you. Journals, apart from helping you solve your problems, can help you develop the habit of Journaling. This art shouldn't be a one-day affair, rather it should be a routine you can develop. You can pick the days and times of the days in the week. Let say, Mondays at 4:30 am or each day at 5:00 am. Pick dates which you can adhere to. When you feel like you are not able to adhere to these dates, you can change it. Make it flexible to suit your needs.


Writing Materials

You can buy your journals from any bookstores, stores, on the Amazon platform, or Esty. There is a wide range of journals you can get. Now, it is time to get some writing materials. These materials include pens, highlighters, and or sticky notes. This will help you to write and make your desired plans into the journal.

Stick to your journal routine

Now, you have your journal, pens, or highlighter. It is time to stick to the journal routine you plan to do. Don't plan about it and not stick to them. Discipline yourself. You know what you want, right? Okay, then stick to those plans and as I said, make it flexible and make amendments anytime you think that you need