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How to embrace your dreams with manifesting your true calling

Updated: May 13

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Your true calling

I want to ask you this question, imagining a gemini asking you “What is your wish for life? What would you say.

Well, let me put it this way: Do you find yourself daydreaming about life, passion, purpose and potential? Have you been wondering how to fulfill your true calling and purpose?

I guess, there are too many questions to bear right now, but it is all good.

We long to discover and pursue the true calling of why we exist here on this planet, with our friends and family. Most of us, want to fulfill our dreams in line with our true calling or soulful calling. But, nothing is coming to us to  find answers to work in line with it.  In this article, we will delve more on our true calling, happiness and dreams fulfilment.


What is a True Calling?

I will literally call it Purpose.

It is more than just a career or a job. It is a deep sense of existence and fulfilment that aligns with your passions, talents, values, and ability leading to a meaningful life. It is a subset of what you love to do, what you are good at and what the world needs from you. This makes you unique because there is a difference between your calling and other people’s true calling. When it comes to it, there is a need for comparism  since it reflects who you are.

What are your dreams?

I will call it your wish of where you want to be and what you to do in the future. It comes from the innermost of you using the power of imagination and visualization to create your vision and dream of your existence in the future. 

What is your dream?

You can find your dreams in these ways:

1.      Experiences you have encounter leading you to hope and breathe for change.

2.      The reasons coming from what you hope for.

3.      The drive, pushing you to go it backed with connection.

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How to Identify Your Dreams in Life

1. Reflect on Your Passions: The number step to self-awareness is Self-reflection. The most recommended remedy to find yourself, is the power to sit down and reflect. Through this act, you are able to transcend into the past, by asking questions to take you back into the past and move you forward into the future. In order to find your dreams, you need questions. What activities or interests light you up and bring you joy?  This take you on introspective journey to find your passions and abilities. Ensure you will Pay attention to the things that brings you positive energy and inspire you.


2. Clarify Your Values:  I will our values, the map of life, because it will guide you to do manage your life, work on your dreams and be focused to make into reality. What principles and beliefs are most important to you? This will contribute to a sense of fulfillment and purpose.


3. Explore Your Talents:  There are so many abilities we can do, but we underestimate ours with other people which confuses. We neglect the power inside of us because we are too focused on others. Guess what, I share this in my first book, Win You: An introspective journey of finding yourself, knowing your potentials and harnessing them for greater h