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Introducing authors for September Feature

Updated: May 22


We are in September, just past a few days away from September 1st. This month is very delicate and special because, in September, we have a lot of days dedicated to Mental Health.

It is a month for recovery, suicide, and many other related topics and issues related to Mental Health. Author Brigitte decided to bring you content related to matters of the brain and or mind which will serve as a guide and motivation to push readers forward, learn more on mental health, and if you are a victim you will learn more on how to handle it. Matters relating to Mental Health should be a need not an option. Everyone is a victim. Take care of your mind too as we often take care of our physical wellbeing.

Introducing authors who will be given out wonderful content on Mental Health are as follows:-


Morningkhat is the pen name for Valerie Awo-Dede Okaiteh. Morning Khat is a Ghanaian girl on a sober journey. She is an author, a writer, and a self-improvement enthusiast.

She loves to see other humans in self-improvement. That’s something that calls out to her since she is still living in the self-improvement midst of many toxic situations. However, the author believes it is so because she is destined to bring the light into her universe.

To her, The loves of life are music, poetry, laughter, and people who never hesitate to show her how much they love her too. Her current dream is to be a strong and impactful voice within the readers and writers' community. Currently, Morning Khat is reading, writes, on the healing journey, transforming, learning, and unlearning daily.

Morning Khat is the Author of Her Diary of Sobriety: The journey of a recovering pothead.

It touches on many topics under the umbrella of addiction and recovery; topics like mental disorders and spiritual healing, comprising of journal entries pinpoint the path of recovery and addiction.

She has also guided journal on emotions, Vent Journal: Set your emotions free

Follow her on Instagram for more wonderful content on recovery:


Kimberly Franklin is a wife, mother, and student who was raised and resides in Port Allen, Louisiana.

She is a certified medical records/billing specialist who is currently studying to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and enjoys reading and writing in her spare time.

She is the author of Don't take it personal Sis! Essays for an introvert. In this book of essays, Kimberly Franklin takes us on a journey of her most vulnerable moments related to family issues, relationships, and things that happened beyond her control. Her encouraging stories and empowering insight will help you overcome anxiety, abuse, and rejection, just as she did, through self-love and the overall practice of self-care both physically and mentally. Kimberly also authored a guided journal for men and women, Thirty-day Gratitude Journal for Men, and Thirty day Gratitude Journal for Women

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Rosemary G is an acclaimed life coach, an ESL teacher, and a financial crime expert based in the United Kingdom, with a vast wealth of experience helping people discover their potential and excel. She is the author of Understanding is underestimated: Making a difference with understanding.

Rosemary does self-love and mindset coaching with a goal to empower men and women to transform their lives. Rosemary seeks to improve herself and take any opportunity to help others to fulfill their goals in life. She enjoys spending time with her daughter and traveling.

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Thank you for reading the bio of the wonderful people who want to change the world.


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