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3 myths about creativity in life that stops you.


You have heard a lot of stories about being creative which makes you always think twice if you can ever be called a creative person. This blog post will help you identify the myth and truth behind the myths regarding creativity.

Myth 1: Creativity is only for artists

This myth is mostly heard a lot around where accolades are given to people because others around them think they are creative because they are fond of making wonderful artefacts such as painting, drawing, singing, spoken words etc. In fact, it is noted that creative people are those who are artist and are using their creative imagination for fun or to make a living. This is not true, you can be a business executive who create better strategies to solve problems and be term as creative. You don't need to be an artist to do that or be term as such. This is creativity, it is when you create new initiative which of good value to yourself and people around, if you are able to create new innovation, initiative to make life better that is creativity not other way around.

Myth 2 : People are born with it.

When it comes to creativity, people think they must be born with it in order to do that, the art of creating. Though some people are born with creativity as a trait in the family tree, if you have heard or seen this, in one person, it does not mean all people who engage in the art of creating values are born with it. This is all about your mind power, if you decide to learn how to be creative, you can be as you wish. With this, it requires a little bit of experimentation; your ability to create new ideas by experimenting, don't stop yourself when you feel like creating even if it looks bad, pour it out. Use the power of ideation to help you create better meaning to your concept or initiation. By the time you realize, you have become a creative person you always wish for. Therefore if you want to become creative, be ready to learn no matter the situation.

Myth 3 : Creative people are genius

You have heard and have a notion that ' creative people are genius' they have a better IQ than the rest of people around them. Being creative does not mean your images, initiative, innovation or artefact must be all smooth, thus, all perfect. This is not so, with creativity, any concept you bring out from your head unto a paper or to people usually comes in a raw state which needs to be refind to make it better. Creativity is all about trying new initiative which can end on the bad side or the good side. It is all about trying to make it better, and the more you learn from it, and try again, you become better at it. If you want to be seen or identified as a creative and genius person just learn the habit of trying, learning and applying.


Do you have any creative thought in mind? What would you like to do with it?



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