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Never give up on your dreams: 4 tips to keep you going and moving to success

Updated: May 22

Never give up on your dreams, let the light of your dreams always shine and keep on going.

Do you have a business idea? Have you started yet? Do you feel the edge to quit sometimes? If yes, I have a solution for you.

It's great you have an idea, you want to work on or have already started something on it. I realized creating ideas from imagination into a workable nice idea isn't an easy task to do. Creativity requires willpower in combination with self-awareness and other aspects of discipline such as the determination to create them.

Ideas don't come fully formed. They only become clear as you work on it - Mark Zuckerberg.

Before you possess the willpower to embark on the idea creation process means you have an aspiration you are looking forward to achieving. You have a dream. A dream to be in a state of greatness and success. Yes, it's because you had the wish to be this and that.

I would like to ask you this: Why do you want to quit? I guess these dreams are proceeding step by step. Why stop at this moment? or do you feel is not moving as you planned? it is slow.

Yes! Don't worry things will be okay. Life is a step-by-step approach. You are worried because others are moving at a fast pace whilst you can't determine whether it is fast or slow. You don't even know.

There is one thing for sure, you are going to succeed no matter what. Just that it will take time. See this as a waiting period. A period where you can still continue working on this idea that one day it will yield results. Just stay in the waiting period and work. Don't forget the harvest period will soon be approved and when it approaches you will yield a great harvest.

4 tips to help you keep up going with your dreams.

These are the things to do in order to continue with it.

Love every bit of the 💡 Idea

Show love to every idea you have in you. Own it. Whether your idea is big or small. Show love to it and have the hope that one day it will be big.

Believe in yourself and dream

Trust yourself and believe in yourself and your dreams. No one will love your dreams unless by yourself. You are the sole person who created it or understands it. Appreciate every step you put into it. Have confidence and courage in yourself that you are going to achieve more with your dreams.

Create a plan to work with it.

Planning is vital in making our ideas and dreams work. Create a working plan to guide you to make this idea to being. Right from the feasibility studies and market studies, start planning to guide you to test ideas in any defined market.

Don't stop yet idea-creation

Never give up on your dreams and keep ongoing.


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Brigitte Adofo Agyapong is a Management Consultant, Author, and Podcast Host. She is the author of win you: An introspective journey of finding yourself, knowing your potentials, and harnessing them for greater heights and ultimate success. Brigitte is an upcoming author of The Search Workbook: 8 Master Keys to unfold life`s purpose and achieve its desired success and meaning.

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