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Crafting Your Personal Mission Statement: A Guide to Defining Your Purpose and Values

Updated: May 14

A mission at hand
Mission 101

One of the things you will need in your self-discovery and dream achievement is defining your mission and values in life.

What is a personal mission statement?

A Personal Mission statement is a set of core values, goals, and aspirations you want to use to guide yourself.

Some examples of Personal mission statements include :

"Impact nations with our story"

"To use leadership and subject-matter expertise to inspire and support others."

"To give hope to the hopeless"

"Impact lives everywhere"

Your mission statement is a guiding light that shines your path and helps you handle life's problems with clarity and intention. It is a statement of your purpose, beliefs, and objectives that serves as a framework for decision-making and goal planning.

How to Create a Meaningful Personal Mission Statement That Reflects Your True Self(steps)

Reflect on Your Core Values:

Begin by considering your core values, which are the concepts and beliefs that matter most to you. Consider what is most important in your life, what motivates you, and what you stand for. Your values are the cornerstone for your mission statement, so identify them clearly and honestly.

Define Your Purpose:

Consider your sense of purpose - the reason you exist and the influence you wish to have on the world. What drives you? What are your passions and goals? Consider how you can use your particular abilities and strengths to positively impact the world around you. Your purpose is the driving force that shapes your mission statement and motivates your actions.

Reflect things about yourself

Have a sit in your room and ask yourself questions that can lead you to your true calling an true self. Self-reflection questions will lead you to more hidden things about your identity and value.

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