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How to plan and assess your goals fast

Updated: May 22

Goals are important in the realization of our dreams. How will you achieve your goals? Do they have a place in your life even when you forget about them? Let's discover more.

Plan your year and projects with Project Planner for Women

Prepare yourself

As you prepare to end one chapter, you need to start a new one. Before, the beginning of 2021, you decide to achieve certain goals underlined for the next year. You planned and set a long list of goals that you would like to achieve in the next year. Some have been achieved, others are still in the process. As we are in the last quarter of the year, and the last month of the year. There is a need to prepare for other plans and milestones. Set new plans for the following year.

We sometimes prepare our minds to set the new year with fresh ideas, goals, and plans to be achieved, unfortunately, not all goals are met. Oftentimes than not, we forget that we have to achieve them, and can`t even remember them until we see signs of the intended goals around us. This habit stops us from keeping track of our goals and then the time we realize a great number of years have bypassed us without achieving anything.

The purpose of Project Planner for Women is to help you manage and track your projects

The Project Planner for Women will help prep and prepare the mind you want to achieve a priority. Assist you to create your yearly goals and monthly goals. In fact, you will be on track in relation to goal realization. You will need a Project planner to set you to goal achievement.

Record the plans

Goals can never be achieved without action plans or steps. In this journal, you will be given the avenue to record all the projects you have in mind. When you have to achieve them and the time frame to be used to achieve that, do not forget the resources which can be used to achieve them.

Assuming, you decided to continue your education (MBA) and you have a project planner for women with you. Grab a pen, and sit down at any place you think can give your absolute peace of mind. Record your yearly and monthly goals, now it is time to record what you have in mind, education; continue your education. MBA education is the project you have in mind, list the resources which can be used to accomplish and the suggested time you think you can complete your MBA, all written in the planner. It provides a space for the weekly project (32 weeks) so each week, you will get the chance to record something.

How to record your goals and develop them into systems

Monitor your progress on the planner

Monitoring your goals, the project is key in Project Planner for Women. This is to pave the way to track your projects such as progress, failures, and how to improve on the projects. it is good for every woman looking forward to achieving their project goals.

Gives the chance for detailed information as to why the project was delayed. Great resources for dreams realization.

Make assessment

Project Planner for Women: 32 Weeks track of Project Performance for today`s women is a cool choice. You will make an assessment of how well your project has been after a bi-annual experience of your project, Appraise yourself as to whether you executed discipline to achieve it. Make changes as you push on through the project journey.


I will leave you with these questions. Do you have any projects in mind? How well do you execute them? Achieve your project with this journal or Planner.


Goal Setting and implementation coach

Brigitte Adofo Agyapong is an Author, Business Coach, and Business Consulting with a specialty in Brands and Strategy. She is the author of Win You: An Introspective Journey of Finding yourself, knowing your potentials, and harnessing them for greater heights and ultimate Success.

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