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Publishing with Brigitte; March writing goals assessment

Updated: Jan 6

The Search Workbook by Brigitte Adofo Agyapong

I am happy to introduce a new segment on my blog about my writing journey and what is on my desk. To authors, this is a journey and to readers, writers or authors must bring out a good book that will help and impact them also. Though you carry your name on the cover and copyright page showing the book is your sole ownership. Readers are right, you must produce books readers would love because they are your target audience. They are the sole reason why you write books.

If you are a reader here, I would love for you to know about my writing journey and what I do when I am writing. Join me and let me take you through it.

Since I started writing in 2020 and published my debut book, Win You: An Introspective journey of finding yourself knowing your potentials and harnessing them for greater heights and ultimate success. Each year, I decide on the number of books I will be writing and publishing and spread the roles into months throughout the year.

I did it for 2020, 2021, and 2022.

This year, I have this on my table, I will write three books and publish two. Two self-help books and one business book. I then spread my routines and task for each month.

In March, I made a goal, and plan to finish my second draft. The second draft duties include reading the first draft, adding some quotes, more life examples, and other add-ups to make the book complete. Well, let me take you back to what I am writing, I am writing a book on motivation called lift it high. More details about it are found on the writing project page of my website, click here for details.

Now, let's reflect if I was able to achieve these goals in March. I completed the second draft with add-ups on quotes and added more life examples, but the only task left was I did not self-read and edits the manuscript. In a nutshell, I will say I completed 92% of my task in March, more action is needed.

I will be bringing you another update for April.

Are you an aspiring writer or author? Are you working on a project? What are your tasks? And were you able to accomplish your writing goals in March?

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The Searchworkbook: 8 master keys to unfold life purpose and achieve its desired success and meaning


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