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Never forget about your ideas and thought : 5 tips to help you recollect them and use it

Updated: May 3


Do you have ideas?

How in-depth are your ideas? Do you often forget about these ideas? Well, I have news for you.

As humans, we generate ideas from our thought and imagination. We create them to assist us in the daily aspect of our lives. We programme the thought ideas that might help us now or in the future.

We create these ideas. I mean business ideas thus anything we think that can make our dreams come true.

Here are five reasons why you always forget about these ideas.


#1 You don't value Idea creation.

Most people who lack the recollection of ideas in the memory system don't use them. They never value or rate high the power of the idea they created. Think is not worthy to be used to achieve their goals or dreams. They are naive about the idea creation process. So, they decide to let go of it because they are ignorant of the power of ideas.

#2 Lack of self-understanding of the power of the mind.

Knowledge is power. Most people lack the knowledge of how the brain or mind conceptualized ideas. How ideas are generated in the mind. They lack information about how their minds use imagination to create ideas.

"Everything you can imagine is real" - Pablo Picasso


#3 Don't know their identity

Self-identity is a problem in our today. People often forget these ideas, pay less attention to who they are, what they can do, their likes and dislike, and every special thing about themselves.