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Why stop the things you love doing? Heartwarming tips to love

Updated: May 22, 2023

This is a reality check. Yes, it is. This is because it is your life, you have the full responsibility for it. And so far as there is life, there is hope.


It is a reality check due fact that who we are, what we like and what want to be in life. Why leave the things you love?

Let assess this one slowly?

What do you love in life?

As humans, we have a whole lot of activities and people we show interest in.

We love people around us, it can be family members, friends, and other sorts of relationships with people.

It can be your hobby. We show love in our interests, we enjoy them during our leisure time. It can be reading, singing, crocheting and many other things we love.

What are things you love? Previously, you did perform your loves with a happy heart, no one could stop you from doing it. In fact, the chemistry and attraction in them were high in your life. The energy exerted in your life was strong which also affected others positively. In a long run, you made others also happy.

But now what do you see? You don't even love it again. It has been a long time you performed the activities you love. Can you figure out the last time you did it? Why did you stop?

What is hindering you? Why have a stop? Can you assess the reasons?

Here are four possible reasons which might have lead you to stop loving the things you love or cherish.

Confused about what you like

Most people express this dilemma due to the reason that they don't know their identity; Who they are, what they like, and dislike. They just follow the crowd especially when they hear and see that it is a trend going on, around. They intend to try it out. It is good to try things out. it goes to the worst when your energy doing that interest is not high or strong. I mean the grit behind their interest is so low but have to do it. This is one of the reasons why you have to stop utilizing your interest area.

Comparism with others

Comparism is a key problem in a lot of downfall on our success in life. We like comparing with others and criticizing our thought that they have to gain the same benefit as their friend or brothers or sisters. Forgetting that they are two different beings with different priorities. When you compare your progress or fall off your love area or loved ones against another indirectly you decided and opt to stop loving what you do love. You slowly stop your love in that area or person. Don't compare if you want to love what you do or the person near you. It can be a relative, husband, fiancee, fiance, or hobbies.


Being depressed can push you to stop loving what you want in life. One of the symptoms of depression is feeling lonely, stopping the things you love, you close ties with people you love thus you don't want to get near them again, experience emotional downfall ( don't feel energetic to do work again). Check a professional help when you experience similar and more signs like this.


Sometimes our loved ones convince and persuade us to love certain things in life like cooking, hiking, reading books and many other social activities which bond people together and as soon loved ones stop communicating with them. They then feel they are lonely because they have cut ties with what they love and these loved ones are the very same person who motivates them to love this and that. So far as they were not near them they must stop loving the interest area shown by them.

Move to a different interest

People stop what they love because they want to experiment and switch to other areas too. They want to be known as a person of different interests. When they start experimenting and release they have a strong love for the new area, now focus on the area of interest or new love.


To better identify why you have to stop loving what you use to love, with these reasons, can you assess this by yourself? If you can, just do it.



Brigitte Adofo Agyapong is Business Consultant, Business Coach, and an Author. She believes dreams are achievable no matter what. She is the author of Win You: An introspective Journey of finding yourself, knowing your potentials, and harnessing them for greater heights and ultimate success.

Discover more about Brigitte on her website

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