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How to Develop a Winning Mindset for Achieving Your Dreams-Per Experience

Updated: May 13


Every ambition is realistic and reachable, but the method of achieving it might vary. In the pursuit of our ambitions, not only do our actions count, but so does our thinking. Will you be able to reach your dreams without your mindset? No, you really need it. Before you proceed with this, I would love to share a short fable with you. Well, it is about the lion and the pride.

There was a lion in a jungle called King Falso who had a cub called Anniey. Guess what, Anniey was short and feeble and could not walk for long without falling. Due to this, It was a mockery of the whole jungle and some of its peers.

One sunny day, Anniey visited some pride in order to play with them, unfortunately it fell whilst playing with other pride. Suddenly, they guffawed as if it was comedian sharing a joke. Anniey realized that it was because of her fell, her predicament that is why they are all laughing at. With teary eyes, she galloped to visit King Falso to tell him all on the heart.

After complaining to her father, this is what the king said with brave countenance " Anniey, always keep this in mind that you are special and unique. If you believe you are weak in the mind, you will always fail and become a laughing avenue for people in this kingdom. It is all about the mindset and how well you use your weakness as a superpower.

The greatest resource within you is your mind, use it well.

What do you see yourself as?

Our state of mind creates the lens through which we see the world, informs our views about what is possible, and ultimately decides whether we are successful in making our aspirations a reality. If you choose to repair your mind, it has the potential to bring amazing things to you.

It is all about your decision to make good use of it.

Guess what, our mindset is all about attitude.

In this blog article, let look at how attitude influences our capacity to turn our ambitions into actual achievements, as well as practical ways for creating a mindset that allows us to fulfil our innermost desires.

Elements of a winning mindset

Understanding Your Mindset

At its foundation, mindset is the collection of ideas, attitudes, and assumptions that affect how we view ourselves, our skills, and the world around us. Carol Dweck, a psychologist, popularised the notion of mindset via her study into the distinctions between a fixed and a growth mindset. This is a summarized version of what her concept insinuate.

A fixed mentality is defined by the notion that our talents and intellect are permanent characteristics that cannot be modified, resulting in a fear of failure and avoidance of difficulties.

A growth mindset, on the other hand, is defined by the conviction that our talents can be enhanced through devotion and hard work, resulting in a readiness to face obstacles and learn from setbacks.

Winning mindset for your dreams