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Get it Published Book Series 

Turn your heart-filled Message into a book

Turn your Story into a book

The GET IT PUBLISHED Series specialises in supporting aspiring non-fiction authors in turning their stories into powerful works of art that serve a variety of positive goals. While writing and promoting a book might be challenging, this series provides a simple road to success.
From drafting your passionate message to effectively marketing and promoting your book, these guides will be your constant companion throughout the process.
Get your hands on a copy, dive into your work, and see it transform into a best-selling masterpiece.

Why get your copy

Everyone has a story in them, and those story must come alive to help others too.

This help can come as impact or influence. It is time to spread the story of hope, education, motivation too. There is a need to write a book.

When you are able to get a copy of Get it Published which is book one of the Get it Published book series. You will be able to develop books that help solve people's problems in the society and develop your author voice. You will create a brand through that and other objectives at place when you publish your first book.

You will be able to discover the basis of how to sell a book on Amazon, the number one book selling platform. Plus, you will gain the best strategies to sell books online, launch them and enter into the book market.

Strategies include developing email list, guest blogging, KDP Select and many more.

Naming a book, for that matter Non-fiction is like naming any business. It is as important as writing the book. Many authors neglect the power of book titles. 

The Book Title rule will guide you on how to title your book and build up your book for success objectives. The three books contains everything you need. Get your copy now.

Get it Published book cover

Get it Published

Get it Published provides readers with a step-by-step approach to completing book project while eliminating fear and other elements that drains the power to continue with this dream.

Available in Ebook and paperback format.

The Kindle way a book for selling on Amazon by Brigitte Agyapong

The Kindle Way

Selling books on Amazon is not an easy task to engage in. It requires the fundamentals and strategies to push through. The Kindle Way will provide you with the guidelines on how to publish and sell more books on Amazon. Available in Ebook and hardcover format.

The Best book to name your book, The Book title rule

Book Title Rule

One of the factors that can help sell your books is a book title and it is a major driving force that clinched readers to your book. Discover the strong way to craft a book title.

Available in Ebook and paperback format.

Books by Brigitte being read in Kindle  ereader
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