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Discover resources to grow your mindset and purpose with free content from the author and podcast host, Brigitte Adofo Agyapong

Grow with these resources

One of the element that can help you achieve your personal development goals is by reading or consuming more of resources which might comprises of ebooks, audio, video, courses, articles and many others leading to growth mindset in the life you are looking for.

Here, Author Brigitte pave the way to make your self-improvement journey kinda off, on the roller coaster for you. You will find  eBooks, workables and presskit just for you to download. Feel free to browse, pick what suit your needs to grow well. 

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Author Press Kit

Quote cards

Purpose Assessment Tool

Step model Cheat sheet

Year in review

A -30 day goal setting workable

Accountablility partner tool

A 30-day workplan on purpose

Other Resources you can harness to improve



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