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Speak with Brigitte - Recover Your Ability, Unlock Your Power

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Hi, this is Brigitte

Brigitte Adofo Agyapong is a trade consultant specialized in international trade, New Market Development, Brands and Strategy. Also, She is an author, and Speaker who loves to speak alot, thus to impact people through her voice, that is why she is know by some of her fans and followers as the "the live babe" Whether it is a physical or virtual event, she reveal her inner power to executes more, impact more and deliver greater to help others move on to the greatness ladder for their personal development and growth.

Her first book was released on April 24th, since then she has used her voice and written books to impact over 20,000 people and can't wait to do more 


Invite Brigitte to your conferences or seminar, and available to deliver on a virtual platform or Physical event.


Do You wish to train your society members, staff, groups on personal development? Do you wish to help them unleash their greatest power? Invite Brigitte Adofo Agyapong to your in-house training, she is available for all your training activities virtually or physically.

Course instructor

Do You need external course instructor to help you deliver your course objectives?


Are you planning to create and teach your students in your coming course?


Do you need a helping hand to assist you deliver to them? Do you wish to create variety of teaching style in your course? If answer to these questions are yes, Then send an email to to make it work.

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