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3 Podcast episodes to help you master your emotions

Master your emotions with these episodes
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Emotion is a big thing and everything we do in life.

According to Britannica, Emotion is a complex experience of consciousness, bodily sensation, and behaviour that reflects the personal significance of a thing, an event, or a state of affairs.

Emotions can make people relate to other people well and can control people. Its mastery can allow you to live a better and happier life. Before I recommend three episodes of Elevate with Brigitte Podcast I would like to open the floor for the importance of Emotional Mastery.

Why you need to master your emotions?

You can master your emotions and gain these benefits:

#1 Better decision in your life

Emotions can make people to make unnecessary and unhealthy decisions that affect them and others too. Due to lack of its mastery, people not able to make the right decisions for the fact that they are led by their emotions to make decisions which have big implications now or the future. Due to emotions, someone might try to commit suicide, or speak ill to people they love. But, when you understand yourself and how your feelings comes to you at anytime. You can live better with yourself and others too.

#2 Emotional Mastery can help you to overcome grudges

Grudges hmm, They do hurt and painful to remove from your mind and heart too especially coming from people you love and trust, then they lead you astray. It feels you have to let it stay in your heart and never let it go out of your being because of the level of love you for them. Sometimes doing this, might cultivate the mindset of revenge in you. When you are able to understand your emotions, and people, why they do certain things in life, I guess you will never bother yourself to keep those bad feelings in you. Keeping these pains will affect you negatively in life and never let you move forward in whatever you are doing emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

# Accept yourself

Emotional Mastery assist you to accept yourself in whatever you do in life. This create better relationship you have with yourself and others. To be good at it, you need to understand who you are, why you do certain things in life, why some days you have good moods and other days you have bad moods. Discover how strong your emotions are, when someone speak negatively to you, How do you react to them? Understanding yourself and the effect of your actions when you react emotionally will help you decide on the bad effect you engage in when you communicate with people around you. When you realize the negative actions you do in regard to your emotions, don't decline yourself from accepting the truth about how you behave. Accept it and change for the better, and for change to happen you need to accept that you have a problem you face which you don't like in life.

4# Emotions can help you live better and happier with others

Emotional intelligence is all about knowing yourself, accepting your flaws and making change to what matters emotionally. This is not only about you but people around you too. People can say certain things that can hurt you to the core, but how can you behave to them? Knowing how and why people behave mentally and emotionally, can help you to understand them and react to them better without getting hurt with their words. You can speak to someone in the morning nicely and then they reply badly to you. If you are not carefully, you will store this in your mind and heart, and react bad to them negatively when they are not aware of it or plans never to draw near them. Understanding why they always have bad mood in the morning, can help you live better with yourself and others too. Learn how to live positively with people even when they hurt you. This is all building your emotions up. This will bring the peace you need in life with people. Its like you don't want to follow the negative tune regards to the emotions of people at the workplace or any other place you find yourself.

Episodes on Elevate with Brigitte that can help you master your emotions

This episode is about how emotions can lead people to develop habit that can create addiction in their lives. The one number cause why people engage in addiction is emotion, how they see themselves, and what they think the society must relate to them, it can be worry, belonginess, care, love, betrayal, trust issues and many more leading people to be carried away due to their emotions to do certain things in life.

Our emotions is everything to us. It can lead us to make the right and wrong decisions at the same time. With this episode, I highlighted how emotions are formed, why we engage in negative emotions and many others you can do to escape yourself from negative emotions when they come to you. Listen to it to learn more.

Negative emotions is not needed here, there is an urgency to build yourself up and never let it control your thought and the way you do things in your life, otherwise it will hurt you. This episode talks about one practice you can use to clear all the bad thoughts which can lead to negative emotions inside of you, which will affect you from living a better life. Find out more in this episode.


What negative emotions will you like to clear from your mind and heart? and why these emotions?

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