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The Minimalist

Are you perfectionist?
Do you want to start working on your dreams ? Do you believe in the practice of being perfect in order to start working on a project or business?
You have been told that before you start on any project or dreams, everything must be okay or must look perfect in order to start. Due to one sung information to your ears and into your mind, you ensure that you must be error -free before you start anything in your life. Judging yourself left and right. Still this date you have not done a single task on these projects of yours.
It is hurting you, right?

The Minimalist Wish is here to help you out to apply the power of doing more for less to kickstart this wonderful dream.

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Win Over the Noise

 Can you really achieve your dreams in this noisy environment? Can You really focus on it? Can doubt, fear, pressure from the environment hold you back?

 Win Over the Noises will show you the way that noises does not matter any more. The noises of doubt and comparism doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is how well can you strive in this kind of environment.
In this book, you will discover:-

  • How to find your true dreams

  • Whether you can still win in the noisy environment

  • How to tackle the fear

  • How to stay empower in this kind of environment.

  • achieve your dreams.

  • many more

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