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 Get special discounts and packages  on these books. 

Personal development is key to author Brigitte, therefore she has provided the avenue for every person to upgrade his or her life through her books. To this effect, new packages are developed to help people access her books at discounts pricing and wonderful packages.

 Get 10% discount for social events

Get 10% when you buy more of my books

Get 10% discount when you buy more than 50 copies of the physical copies for 

  • Social events

  • Non-profit events

  • conferences

from any of her books.​

Send an email to : to get your discount.



5% off when you buy 2 or 3 copies of personal development package

Grow your personal development with this

Get 5% off when you buy all copies of physical copies of these books

  • Win You

  • The Search Workbook

  • Lift it High

Send an email to : to book your place.

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