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Gratitude Notes

An Inspiring Fable of Gratitude and Better Living

Gratitude Notes

All you need is Gratitude

These books are intended to assist you in developing a spirit of optimism and positivity as well as a mindset of thankfulness and appreciation. 

Notes of Gratitude book series offers motivational tales, lovely life lessons, and stimulating questions that will encourage you to consider your life in a novel way. I would ask you to join me in this endeavor because I really think and believe that by showing our appreciation can help you live better and happier in life, plus you will be able to transfer the energy, love others too.

Why get a copy of Gratitude Notes

Discover the habit of Gratitude through inspiring stories from different books  which constituent part of the series who have experience the twist, the turn, the happy and bad times all in search for happiness and gratitude in life. They experienced a lot of pain but manage to get some sting of gratitude in them to push life. Tell their stories through their notes or journals

It contains stories of shame, self-blame, child emotional neglect, limiting beliefs and many challenges we might face in life regarding that.

You will  be equiped yourself on how to develop prompt for your journals, learn the basics of gratitude, practice and habit through their stories.

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