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Books are powerful tools to improve your life.

Discover the most life-changing books here. Brigitte Adofo Agyapong's books are written with love and values to help you achieve your dreams and overcome challenges that hinder your goals and happiness.

These books inspire, educate, and inform you on your journey to self-discovery, self-improvement, and unlocking your true potential.

Win Over the Noise
More than Beautiful
Better Than Half
The Search Workbook
The Book Title Rule
The Kindle Way
Gratitude Notes
Lift it High
Win You
Begin Anyway
Get it Published

What book readers have to say...

Customers who read Win You in Spain
Customers who read Win You
Customers who read Win You
Get it published book being read at Rome, Italy by a book reader
Lift it High book is read by a book readr on a corridor with green environment in Milton, Canada

Begin Anyway is worth it. I like the stores of people you brought on board, it gives hope and challenge you that no matter success is possible.

Nelson Kofi Yeboah

This book is a wonderful book that can inspire you and encourage you with words of wisdom. Each message starts with a fitting quote that emphasizes the theme, which is followed by either a question that makes you reflect on your life or advice for the improvement of your life. I loved each and every sections, out of which “Life is a journey not a race”, “Always remember your light can make the foggy road clear”, “Add prayer too” and “buckle up, arise and keep the fire burning” were my favorites.

I really enjoyed all the quotes shared throughout the book. I think it's not easy to look at our life and get motivation with our busy schedule and hectic lives. But, this book helped me in realizing the importance of self motivation and self care in our daily growth. After all, we are all human, we’re still learning from each and every one of our mistakes.


One of the most inspiring books I have read so far. A great work author, indeed! Your has done a great impact on my life. Thanks to your book I had enough courageous to take a risk and knowing my potential. I am surprised to see how much potential one can ever have. Eagerly waiting for your next book. Write more and more and inspire others like me. Much love❤

Nandani Rathore

Brigitte's Writings are amazing and she makes it understandable to everyone.


Living a meaningful life contributes to happiness and success in life. Brigitte has put together some powerful and useful tools to help live a purposeful life. I have learned so much from this book and I look forward to implementing the steps into my life. This book is concise and easy to read.
I just couldn't wait to dive into this book and I read it in one read sitting as I couldn't put it down. If I am asked, this book is needed in every home. Thumbs up to Brigitte for this great and impactful book. This book will positively impact a lot of lives.

Rosie Kendall

I have found on the shelves, pieces of materials that deal with embracing your potential, finding your passion, carving your niche and developing your talent; but not ever came across a book which is a one-stop for all these and much more.
Win You is  "passionately driven", "measurably intriguing" and full of goodies  "talent-wise". Grab your copy to find your purpose and fulfil it.

Ebenezer Asumang

This book is simply a metaphor of the philosophy of how Brigitte has reached the place she stands now. A great start for a growing intellectual

Dr. Paul Sowah

Humans have battled with the million dollar questions what am I here for? In Win You, the author takes you on a deep introspective journey of finding yourself, who you are, your passion, what your potentials you have and how to harness them for the greater good if you are looking to live your best life, this is one book you have to read.

Rudolph Mensah

I thought I knew more on influence but Win You told me otherwise and has helped me know more about myself and how to influence properly. Win You by Brigitte is a must read for every home especially for the youth.

Bishop Benalvin

Win You contains everything you will need in life. I say it is the Life Bible. Infact, I would not put it down. It has even taught how to take responsibility of my life and set goals which works.

Frederick Martey
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