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7 Questions to ask yourself when you want to find and discover your purpose in life

Updated: May 15


Finding your purpose and living a purposeful life is one of the priority, I would like to recommend to you if you are on soul searching path and looking forward to a meaningful life.

There are questions you can ask yourself, if you want to find meaning, seek your purpose and live the life you want.

Each year, we set a lot of aspirations and goals we want to achieve for ourselves. Sincerely, not all of these priorities of ours are achieved. Sometimes we just say it, write it down in our journals or notebooks but never try to work on them. Other times, we start working on our dreams; initiate them by setting goals suddenly this happen to us, we are stucked not to work on them again, pushing us to pause on our dreams.

One of the mechanism to overcome this experience is to find your purpose. I guess, you have heard the word “ purpose”, “find your purpose” many times of your life. Most experts, preachers, authors and coaches and many other experts, always recommend the practice of finding your true calling. The noise as others might say, is too much to bear, but truth being told, what they spell out to help you find and follow your purpose is absolutely true. Purpose is important in life if you want to attain the meaning and live a successful life. It is worth gold.

“ Lead with purpose, Grow in determination and tranquility. Above all shape lives too.- This is a quote inside The Search Workbook.

Why should you find your purpose.

Wondering the essence of finding your purpose in life. Here are 5 reasons why you find your purpose and meaning of life.

Purpose is a motive we live life for

There are reasons why we do certain things in life. The reasons why we work, sleep, eat and do other priorities of ours, therefore seeking purpose and working in line with it, is essential to live life for. We need it to motivate ourselves, and exist in life. With purpose, you know where you are going and when you should be at a particular place and point in life. When the bellows of life hit, you will know how to react, resist and overcome all of them because you know your existence in life. When others are succeeding on the elevation ladder of life you know why you exist and your exact time of your elevation will surely come. What do you live life for?

Purpose paves the way to direct your path in life


Like the first point on 'why you must find your purpose in life'. Finding and following your purpose is like a driver travelling to a far land but he has one problem, he doesn't know where he is going and how he is going to reach there, the positive thing on his journey is that he has a map to direct him to his destination.

Life is full of ups and downs, the journey is undefined but with the help of working with purpose which is a map in the scenario will direct you (the driver) reach your destination because you found it and used it for life. Purpose pave the way to lead you to the right place. Using digital maps, sometimes you are directed to use the road with less traffic jam or no traffic jam when you know nothing about your route. Our purpose keeps us going, and shows where you can take to live a meaningful life.

Purpose bring you absolute peace of mind

You will receive the peace of mind when you work on your purpose because for the first time you will experience that the flow of peace is felt in your being that you are working with it to help yourself, and other too. Purpose is not selfish. Someone's purpose is to share the message of hope to the broken hearts to help them be relieved from the pain and believe in life again. Doing this, makes the person feels good and fulfilled. Working with your purpose is all about service to others not yourself, doing this act will help the desire of your true calling and reason why you live life for materialized.

Brings happiness to your being

Are you seeking happiness? Wondering if happiness can be possible in your life, this is what I have for you, find your purpose and follow it, work in line with it to bring smiles to other people faces and your face. Purpose is all about impact and the legacy worthy living for. When you are able to identify your true calling why you exist life for, you will always be eager to help others to be happy, their smiles can make you happy because you greatly feel that an impact is done in a beautiful soul which you did. You did a great job in the lives of people therefore happiness comes to you.

All these reasons are all good, but the decision to act depends on you.

Listen to episode 43 and 44 on Elevate with Brigitte to learn more on how to follow your purpose and impact others. It can be listened on Spotify, Amazon Music, Stitcher or Radio Public. View more of the listen apps here

Here are 7 key questions to ask yourself. You can use to reflect life which can help you find your purpose.

Questions to ask yourself when you want to find it:-

What am I searching for ?

This question helps you harness the core reason why you seek certain things in life. With this, consider delving deep on why you are searching on things in life.

Do I know my meaning of life?

Know your meaning in life, how you see life? Do you see life as it is or a whole different thing?

What is my meaning in life?

with this, you need to ask yourself, your general view regarding the meaning of life. How do you see meaningful life? is it the ever smooth path or smooth-rough experience? Is it a life with challenges and meaningful?

Have I achieve my purpose in life?

Ask yourself this question whether your purpose is found, continue to ask why it is not found yet in your life.

Why do I need my purpose?

Answer this sincerely, because when you do it. This will allow you to seek your reason why you are here on earth.

How do I define life?

Identify your definition for life, introspect what life is worth.

What makes me happy?

Discover all the things that will make you happy in life. Before this can be fulfilled you have to define what is happiness to you.

Download the 30 day Workplan

A 30 day workplan to find your purpose Infographic (1)
Download PDF • 748KB

Introspect deeper on these questions, don't see it as mere questions, see it as questions to help you find your purposeful life.

Find more questions on how to find and follow your purpose inside The search workbook.

This is a book filled with questions and guides to help you seek life and find meaning. It is a journey to help you out.

Can anything stop me from working on my purpose?

This message will be profitable in your life when you read and start reflecting on them.

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