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Upgrade your creativity

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Group of people cutting papers and trying to be creative
Creativity at its best

Everyone have ideas and are innovative if you believe. According to research, one of the reasons why people don't create and work on their ideas is they don't believe in the power of their ideas. They believe they are not creative enough like their peers.

There is a misconception on certain rules of how any artefact, project or anything related to creativity must look like which should not be so.

Creativity is all about creating anything that comes from your imagination, therefore don't let anyone judge you or inform you that your creative result should move in one particular way.

You are the master of your image which must be brought alive. The view in your mind on ideas must flow to bring meaning.

How you must look out on creativity from today

You are unique

Each one of us is unique in our own way. Whatever ideas coming from your imagination is different from the imagination of other people. We are not the same even if you have the same creative power. You have your own creative eyes which you see and convince you to turn these images into idea.

Your idea is the best of the kind.

When you hear people speak about their ideas, be it business ideas or project ideas. You often hear this which gladdens your heart that " this is the best idea" Some years back, I was saying similar until I realize this. There is nothing like best idea out of countable number of ideas. Every idea is best. It depends on how you use it to bring meaning to you and the society.

It only best idea when you identify when, where and how it can be used to bring significant meaning to people.

You are a creative individual.

Do you know that you have a lot of potentials inside of you? Each on of us on the planet Earth if I might say has potential, creative potential for that matter. You have the power to be creative. It is all about believing in your abilities and your readiness to learn and apply it.

You can be creative when you start working on them.

You want to be creative right? There is one thing for sure, in order to be seen as creative you must believe yourself as a creative person. There is a need to start working on it. You can harness them when you work on them anything these mental images introduces inside your mind or brain.

Record your creative images through journaling anytime it pop in your mind, meaning each time you should have a journal with you to record it or record it using mobile phone or tablet with a help of notetaking apps. This is first step to encourage you to utilize them in your life, and the more you do this exercise, it then becomes part of you.


I hope you have grab something regarding your creativity. Do you believe you are creative?