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Upgrade your life and succeed with this book

Updated: May 22, 2023

The cover reveal of The Search Workbook which was published in 11th April, 2022 for readers who want to find their purpose, seek life and change life for the better

This is important for me and I know it will be for you too. There is a need to upgrade your life and succeed. A resource for your personal growth and development.

Lead with Purpose, grow in determination and tranquility. Above all shape lives too

A new book is added to the library of books, the author has for the book or reading community titled The Search Workbook: 8 Master Keys to Unfold life`s purpose and achieve its desired success and meaning. It's great to have a new book on board! Let walkthrough.

The Search Workbook for finding your purpose in life

How this book idea started?

It was simple and easy for me, unlike my debut book where I experience some level of doubt and imposter syndrome because I had elevated and made doubt under control. When the Idea flowed to me that people around me, fans, and readers are still facing the problem of purpose and meaning in life. An idea comes to mind to help and guide them to find and follow their purpose. Learn the process I used here.


My second book
The Search WorkBook: 8 Master Keys to unfold life`s purpose and achieve its desired success and meaning

#1: It will help you achieve the purpose you need

The sole purpose of this book is to guide you to achieve your purpose in life. The purpose is a big thing that shouldn't be underestimated in our lives. It should be sought, followed, and used for the greater benefit of our society. This book is a guide to help you find it by providing you with questionnaires and frameworks; You read as you fill. The main brain behind the book is to make purpose part of your life of introspectively writing down your thought, reflections, and abilities.

#2: Easily to digest into your mind and life

One of the main motives of The Search Workbook is to make reading easier and more consumed in our lives faster. It will take up to 45 minutes to an hour to finish reading this book.

#3: Stress-free Content

Due to the pressure to make it in life, People get themselves into the pot of depression rather than the pot of purpose. Follows the pressures of life and lead themselves into a different path of life. The Search Workbook: 8 Master keys to unfold life`s purpose and achieve its desired success and meaning will encourage and inform you that it is never a rush moment but a step-by-step journey to find and follow your purpose.

The surprise

This book has more surprise install for you. Since it is on purpose and meaning of life and the main motive is to help people around the globe seek their purpose. This time, the book is going wide, thus it is published on different platforms including Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Vivlio, and other digital libraries.

The author has provided other resources you can gain from the book such as A-30 day work plan to find your purpose, goal-setting workable, the First chapter of the book, and many more. Click here to access the resources and downloadable


Brigitte Adofo Agyapong, a personal development and self help author

Brigitte Adofo Agyapong is an Author and a Management Consultant in Brands and Strategy.

She loves writing and advising people; clients, fans, and friends on their personal and business development.

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