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How to find opportunities into profitable small and micro Business

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When it comes to operating a profitable business venture, problems are gold mine so as opportunities. More light has been throwed on opportunities in the business environment than problems, but I solely believe that business opportunity are pivoted in two ways.

The Problems We Face

As businessmen and women, we can realize opportunities through the problems we have experienced which have harmed us or brought some sort of negative effects to us, and found ways to solve it which leads to a business opportunity to help us, people we love and the society.

With this, we are empathetic about the idea or opportunity because we can tell a good story about it; how relatable it is to us and our targeted audience in question, because we have experience it. Your ability to find solutions to this kind of problem is strong.

An example is a doctor who loved his job and was posted to a village as part of the job culture. This village served 15 other villages, upon his arrival to his post. The clinic recorded 30 deaths daily coming from his serving communities. One day he sat down and got this idea, " People are dying each day, and I don't like it. I believe it tarnishes my reputation as a doctor. What can I do to help this people?'' Upon various assessment and questions, he realized he can create a mobile van for daily and weekly visit to these indigene for medical check -ups. This mobile van will have all the medics needed for out-patient needs.

With his example, the doctor has an experience which he did not like at all and wanted change. This kind of opportunity usually happens when you have a direct connection and experience with the problem.

Problem people face:

With this, you(The creator) do not have direct contact with the problem but are faced by other people. Here, you are an observer who has observed and got an idea or opportunity in a process. Assuming you pass through an neighbourhood near your area. During your visit to the neighbourhood, you realize something which gave you a consideration that this community need dustbins at vantage points to prevent littering. Also, you got idea to provide dust bins or refuse bins to people to be used in their homes, offices and business. This is a business opportunity you found because you discovered the problem the residents faced.

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