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4 ways to overcome imposter syndrome of getting ahead of your dreams

A question mark image representing doubt

Imposter Syndrome literally is Doubt resulting from negative self talk. We doubt ourselves all the time, in different areas of our life. I am focusing on doubt in the context of our dream business, projects or career.

Imposter Syndrome is also known fraud syndrome.

It is a psychological condition that convinces people to doubt themselves, especially their abilities and achievement. I believe there are a whole number of factors that comes into place. This blog post is going to focus on your mindset, I believe most doubt pushing us away is The Mindset we have catergorized on how our senses receive information and process those information to our effect. It happens from data collection, perception and memory linking us to certain life experience we have witness, from sight or experience.

Do you experience Imposter or Doubt?

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Types of Imposter Syndrome you might have experience

The Five Types of Impostor Syndrome

According to researcher Dr. Valerie Young, there are five impostor forms namely:

  1. The Perfectionist: It entails believing that, unless you were completely faultless, you could have done better. The Perfectionist mindset and behavior lead you to believe that you are not as good as others think you are, unless you are perfect.

  2. The Expert : The expert doesn't know everything. Their characteristics include being knowledgeable about a specific subject or topic, as well as not having mastered every stage in a procedure. They don't consider themselves to be "experts" because they believe still they have a lot to learn.

  3. The Natural Genius : In this form of impostor syndrome, you may feel like a fraud simply because you do not believe you are intrinsically educated or competent. If you don't get something perfect the first time or take longer to learn a talent, you may feel like an imposter.

  4. The Soloist: It's also easy to feel like an imposter if you had to seek assistance in order to achieve a certain level or status. Because you couldn't get there on your own, you doubt your own skills and ability, with this you belong to this type of imposter.

  5. The Super person: This type of imposter syndrome involves believing that you must be the hardest worker to reach the highest levels of achievement and, if that does not happen, you see yourself are a fraud.

Overcome Impostor Syndrome

Understand that is from the mind

All the different impostor forms you might fall under, I would like you to inform you that these experience comes from the mind, encounters and experience happening to you. Due to the fight to overcome that, there is a need to tackle the problem from your mind and understand that this is coming from the mind.

Fight all the information you take into the body, be it from yourself and coming from people. You can overcome it by finding the true fact affecting you to think and hence stopping you not to work on your dreams.

Know the cause

When you search on any search engine for this question " How to overcome imposter syndrome?" you will get over a million blog posts, and articles outlining over ten of thousands tips to help you out. I mean do this and do that, but, per my experience and what I believe in regard this syndrome. All the recommendations are true, but to solve or overcome it you will need to know your cause. How did the imposter came out? Why are you experiencing this?

This is not to push you to dwell on the past, but pave the way to find the root cause and link you to how to overcome that.

if you are able to identify how it started in the first place you will know whether to rely on your strength or stop the comparism and many more. I don't want you to be a jack of all remedies to imposter. Identify the cause and link it to solutions to help yourself out.

A lady writing in a journal


Writing your breathing of your heart and mind unto a paper or a notebook is journaling. When you experience impostor syndrome, pour your thought on paper assisted with daily prompts will move you to overcome doubt or imposter. Also, it will help to empower your emotions and thoughts since you are releasing all your emotions and worries on a paper which allows you to examine those thought after a release on a paper.

Assuming, you wanted to start a project, but each time an impostor comes in and convince you that you are not ready. These words speaks to you all the time " I am not ready" When you write your thought inside a journal, with prompts which delve deep on the imposter. After daily or weekly time with your journal, and reviewing of thoughts written in the journal. You will discover how bad you thought about yourself and felt for a period of time. This will convince your to take the action to assist yourself overcome it.

Listen to podcast

Podcast is one way we can upgrade our lives and personal growth and development. It is another medium to learn from health, educational, and self-improvement podcasts. There are a lot of podcast in the category of self improvement to upgrade your life with.

Listen to them and apply all the actions you hear on it to help you move.


What is your takeaway on impostor? Would you like to control your life?

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