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Do you struggle with Mental Health? Important things to know about Mental Health

Updated: May 22, 2023


Whether an illness affects your heart, your leg, or your brain, it’s still an illness, and there should be no distinction.”

— Michelle Obama

Why Mental Health is a must in personal development

Mental health is a condition of the brain that causes a disturbance in your emotions, thinking, or behavior. Your mental health matters and should be a top priority! I am an advocate of proactively educating and supporting individuals when it comes to issues involving mental health. Mental health can sometimes be a taboo subject and I believe it is something that needs to be discussed more often being that only half of adults and children suffering from it get treated because of the stigma attached to mental health.

I can’t stress this enough especially today with all the things I see people going through and the things I’ve dealt with. We get so caught up in the day-to-day tasks of working and taking care of our families, everything, and everybody, that we put ourselves on the backburner and completely forget about the concept of self-care and mental health. I think it is important to be intentional about the care and well-being of yourself…mental, physical, and emotional health, and the things you let into your mind and body. It is important to mind our thoughts especially during tough times.

This should be considered because we tend to internalize experiences and things, we expose ourselves to without even realizing it and these things can have either positive or negative effects on us. As an individual who has experienced anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts, it is okay not to be okay, but don’t go through it by yourself because even if you feel like you can’t go to family, you are never alone.


Please seek help and reach out to someone because somebody is always willing to listen and help you get through. Due to my past experiences with battling with my mental health, I now see a therapist and it has been life changing! Does that mean something is wrong with me. NO! There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking therapy and receiving assistance with navigating difficult feelings and emotions and learning tools and techniques to develop coping strategies to deal with the stressors of everyday life and traumatic experiences.

Learning these tools and techniques inspired me to begin studying psychology to learn more about the mind and human behavior and how to assist individuals in this area.

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When mental health issues are left untreated, it causes a decline in the quality of life for the individual and everyone around them and affects relationships, school, work, and many other aspects of life. If you or anyone you may know are experiencing mental health issues, have signs of depression, anxiety, or other mental issues... take action! Offer them your support and encourage them to seek professional help. In extreme situations, treatment of mental illness could be the difference between life and death.

Would you love to take action or help someone? The decision is yours! I hope you enjoy this content.

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