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Support someone with suicidal thoughts : The ABC of suicidal thoughts


Suicide! Aaaaaah, why him? What happen and why did he have to do that? it seems everything was okay with him.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated of 703,000 die globally from suicide death each year. And this could be YOU, YOU, and YOU. Everyone stands a chance of being a victim of suicide and suicidal thoughts. If people who die of suicide have this number thus, 703,000 then more of this number construct suicidal thoughts in their minds and attempts it several times before a successful incident of suicide happens. During this attempt, people around them often neglect the repeated actions or triggers they showcase, to inform them they are in pain and want to end it all. Sometimes, they are accused of exhibiting this behavior of signals indirectly informing people they are in pain.

What is suicide?

Suicide is the act of taking ones own life due to several reasons the victim has encountered, with the notion to end it all. According to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention, it is known as a serious public health problem and the second cause of death in the United States of America for the ages from 10-14 and 30-34. Also, with the World Health Organization(WHO) is the fourth leading death among the age of 15-39.

The most common instruments used are pesticides, hanging, and firearms.

What is suicidal thoughts

It is an attempt of a person to commit suicide without leading to death. These persons with suicidal thoughts often perform this action several times before landing on their motive, this act is mostly neglected by loved ones near these people.

Why people commit suicide

There are several reason why people engage in suicide. They include:-

  • Sadness or grief of a loved one.

  • Rage or desire to seek on revenge which is not successful.

  • shame to live due to child abuse or violence experiences.

  • They often see themselves as a burden to their family and society as a whole.

  • They consider life as not worthy of living, therefore they want to end it all.

  • Hardships in life such as financial hardships in life

  • Experience of mental disorders.

Warning Signs of a People with Suicidal Thoughts

People with suicidal thoughts will never do it in a blue, they will definitely show some signs that they want to end it all. Here are signs to look up to.

  • They are always talking about suicide " I will take my life" when I die that all" when you hear these things, it is a prone that they have motive for that.

  • Having frequent mood swings in their dealings with people.

  • Withdrawing from social contacts especially people they love, they are not doing the things they like doing anymore.

  • Feeling hopeless about every situation they encounter.

  • Giving away all their belongingness like they will never need any more.

  • Saying goodbye to people like they won't see them any longer.

  • Engaging in destructive activities.

What will you do to support someone who shows signals of suicidal thoughts and attempts?

This awareness is not a one-day affair but a must-affair that must be done daily. What can you do to help someone showing suicidal signals?

Here are 3 major ABC Pillars of Suicidal support

Always show them that you care for them.

This can be done with actions. Show them, love, more especially when the odds are against them. Let them know that you appreciate their existence in your life, and encourage them that suicide is not the answer.

Be Studious of the behaviour and actions they do.

Though, some of the signals they show, they might possibly hide that from you, more especially when they see that you care and love them. Would want to stay away from you so that you won`t stop their actions or hurt you in the process.

Courage is all you need to stand for them. Sometimes, when you exhibit love and care. They want to stop you from focusing on them.

Be courageous and Stand for them.

When they realize that you have figured out that they are on the edge of committing suicide, they will try their possible best to give you some difficult time just to discourage you from pursuing the motive to change their thought. You have to be courageous, firm on the decision you have decide to help them with, and stand for them no matter what.

Can you tell what you can do to help someone stop suicidal thoughts?

I would love to read your comment regarding that.

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