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Mirror on the wall : How to discover Self-Love Through Self-Reflection

Two people holding their hands in a form of love
Self-love is key

I was looking for the right message for you this valentine. Then, I thought about this, we know of loving others which we put ourselves more into it. I guess, you are good at it when it comes to thinking about the needs of others in order to make them happy.

I want to ask you this : Do you love yourself ? and how well do you love yourself?

As you think about this, This is my message I have to you this valentine is to love yourself and love who you are. I would like to assist you with set of self reflection questions to help you with it but, before that happens. Let's dive into this....

What is self love

Self-love is a feeling of admiration for oneself that stems from behaviors that promote physical, psychological, and spiritual development. Self-love entails having a high regard for your own health and pleasure. It is about been kind to yourself.

How can you stay in the love for yourself

As a beginner in Self-love, I would love you to do this for yourself. Love the real you in everything.

  • Lovingly communicating with and about oneself

  • Prioritising Yourself

  • Give yourself a vacation from self-judgment

  • Trusting Yourself

  • Staying true to yourself

  • Being kind to yourself.

  • Setting appropriate boundaries.

Self-reflection questions to ask yourself about self-love

Self introspection questions to ask yourself about Self-love.

  • What does self-love mean to me?

  • What do I know anything about loving myself?

  • How do I love myself currently?

  • Do I believe in this thing called self love?

  • How can I practice Self-love?

  • How do I unconditionally love those closet to me?

  • What can I do if I want the peace of mind.

  • What am I holding in which is harming me?

  • What are my values?

  • Can I attach self-love with this values?


This Valentine's, let the celebration of love extend beyond external expressions to an internal embrace of yourself. Before delving into the self-reflection questions I have offered, take a moment to appreciate and honor the beautiful person you are. May this Valentine day be a reminder that loving yourself is the foundation for extending love to others, and it begins with acknowledging and cherishing the unique individual you are. The journey of self-love is not only a gift to yourself but also a powerful force that positively influences every aspect of your life, creating a ripple effect of love and fulfillment.

Are you ready for self-love?

It is time to get into action for self love.



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