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Why do I write: A journey to meaning and impact

Updated: May 22

Wondering why I do write? Let me tell you.

Though I love writing but didn't even cross my mind that I wanted to be a writer and or an author.

In my debut book, Win You I wrote how I discovered and found my purpose and passion. It took me years of the eagerness of purpose to look out for it. I didn't find it.

One day, I went to a conference organized by the local church in my neighborhood on how to find our passion. I was eager for this thing called passion, so I had to go.

Do you know I was among the first attendees who arrived at the venue first? Yes, since I needed this information I didn't want to waste time at all.

As the conference was going on, I took my pen and notebook to grab all the points I needed. As I listened, I self-examined the question they asked whilst the conference was going on. What a blessed day! Now what, the meeting has ended.

As I left the venue to my house, I ask myself this question " How do I make this information I gathered at the conference work in my life?

A lot of thought came to mind " You know this isn't easy", " How can you find yourself?" then I said to myself " to able to work on my passion, I have to self - introspect to get answers.

From that day forth, each day I visited the notebook to recollect and examine myself with it.

As I performed my daily activities, I took the opportunity to be self-aware of my actions. Then I found it. I found my passion in the advisory industry.

On the same day as the conference, a friend was celebrating his birthday, so I decided to write something special for him on his birthday, I wrote a wonderful piece for him. Even with this special moment where I thought I could write just the piece I wrote for him. It didn't cross my thought that this action was part of my interest.

The reflection of this passion came to me when I started the self-awareness process. Also, I started reading books especially personal development books. After I fully discovered and invested in my passion.

I decided that if I have a passion for writing too, why don't I help others to find theirs too because there are many people just like me who want to find their passion too.

The struggle wasn't easy, I mean the writings, the imposter syndrome, writers' block, and many more


Finally, my debut book is out. Win You, An Introspective journey of finding yourself knowing your potentials and harnessing them for greater heights and ultimate success is out. It has been on the book market since April 2021.

Writing to impact people is still my mandate and I'm working on other books to impact people also.

Enjoy and Impact.

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