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7 smart steps to plan and achieve your goals

Updated: May 22, 2023

We have great aspirations and dreams.

Dreams without actions are unachievable. Before you have to make your dreams into reality. There is a need to develop goals and then systems.

We are in December, soon the year will successfully come to an end. There is a need to prepare your mind to achieve goals for next year, 2022.

What are your plans for next year? What do you want to achieve?

Reasons why you need to set goals

Psych the mind for goal creation

Why psyche the mind? Yes, it is very important in goal setting. You can also say, preparing the mind for the goal-setting process. Prepare the mind for the need and be eager to set these goals. If you prepare your mind that you are going to succeed with these goals, then definitely, you will do it. A winning mentality is already a winner.

Reflect on your goals set this year

Before you can continue to set goals for next year, then, there is a need to reflect on this year's goals. Introspectively assess yourself, ask yourself some questions. These questions will help you to stand on a strong point that these are my goals for next year ( 2022). what were the goals, you set for 2021? Were you able to achieve them? What were the hindrances? and which ones are still working on? If you are able to answer these, then you will have the avenue to say to yourself that then `` I have to continue the unfinished goals set in the previous for the new year goals``. Discover the hindrances and opt-in for solutions that can help you through to achieve your goals for the next year. Let say your want to start your small business at the beginning of the year so you set a goal to achieve it but unfortunately, the year is almost getting to an end but still you haven't done any planning to even start. The best option is to ask yourself these questions more especially what were the hindrances stopping you from starting your small business? Can you figure it out? Write them down; the success and failures of these goals. Why did it happen?

Set your long and short term goals

After successfully reflecting and assessing your goals, it is time to set goals. Most people have problems when it comes to setting their goals. They always misinterpret on both; thus, set long goals for short and vice versa. They don't know when to set long goals and short goals. Now, here is the trick, long-term goals are achievable from 3 years upwards and short-term goals are achievable in one month to 2 years. There are some goals that can be achieved even within these goals set because they are easily achieved and don't take time. Set your long and short-term goals. Group the long-term goals into one group and the short-term goals into another. Write them down. The next point is to break these goals into the system to make them work.


List your workflow

After each group of goals, break them down into systems of duties to make it work. Identify some of the work you will need to develop them. Let say, it is your goal to start a youtube channel for your business, thus, one of your goals for the year. Under this goal, you have to break down these goals into an action plan. These are the activities you will be doing to start and sustain your youtube channel, such as who is the channel is for, name, brand colours, and planning of the video, and many others. This is one goal. You also have a plan that these are my goals, after these goals, I will achieve this next. There should be a goal flow of your goals thus, from goal 1 to 2 to 3 and counting. Each goal should have a workflow to make it work.

Identify your plan B for your goals

Know your road map. Your road map consists of an alternative that can help you achieve the same goals but different direction. Set your roadmap clear and achieve them. Set aside plan B in case the main plans don't work so that in a long run these goals can be achieved.

Develop a mantra to help you achieve it.

Establish a list of mantras you would like to motivate and push you to work on your goals. You can also call it affirmations. These are believed words that can push your inner energy to push the willpower to take action and these are back with faith and acceptance in these words that they will work in your life.

Be determined to accomplish those goals

When you set these goals there is a need to develop a set of disciplines to keep the goals in an active state. Determination and perseverance are one of them. Be determined in all your dealings, persevere, and don't do anything that stops you from moving forward. Keep pushing and one day, you will definitely reach there.


Are you ready to set your goals now?


Brigitte Adofo Agyapong is an author and Business Consultant. Author of Win You: An Introspective journey of finding yourself knowing your potentials and harnessing them for greater heights and ultimate success.

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