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Using the Power of Ideation to work on your business or project ideas

Variety of Ideas we can create in the mind
Idea creation image by Dstudio BCN

Our day to day idea creation encounters

Ideas are created from the mind, we visualize and concept them to bring a better view to help us work with it. Especially, when you are able to concept these into something meaningful which can be classified as a project or business.

Scientist say the mind is able to concept and generate 50,000 to 70,000 ideas per day and 600,000 ideas per month. Whooh, this is huge, meaning, we generate both the positive and negative at the same time. If the brain is able to introduce all these number into our thought system, then it means we have wasted a lot of ideas in our heads. Whiles we use others, the rest we declutter them out of our system. Some ideas come as problems whilst others comes as opportunities. Even with that, we have to cut across two sides thus, turn the challenges or negative into positive or opportunities and opportunities or positive into threat or negative. We can only identify that, when we are able to use the power of visualization and notetaking our ideas for records. Discover why you need to write down your ideas in a notebook here.

Bucket list of Ideas

Wondering if you can create a bucket list of ideas ? Previously, you weren't able to recognize the ideas your mind brings to you each day. You try your possible best to brush it off, out of your thought system, but, now you know the essence of concepting these beautiful images the mind has showed to you due to the advice and actions from loved ones who are using the power of their ideas to do great things in life. You desired to create one which you did, and it was successfully. From that day forth, you got a lot of ideas ranging from project ideas to business ideas. Here comes another problem, you have got a lot of them, you don't know what to do with it, and also you have not started anything with it yet. You have the desire to do something good with it like starting a business or project. There is a strong belief that all the 20 ideas you strongly believe in, you can't start all at once, you need a starting point to begin with. Your problem is how do you decide on the best one. Worry no more, here is the solution for you.


Ideation is the process of developing and generating ideas through different sessions from mental image to a clear view in order to work on it. With ideation, you make available tools and systems which you will use to make all your mental images into meaningful ideas for usage.

When you get bunch of ideas like that, you don't need to work on one idea at go, you can work on diverse ideas by assessing and researching more on each ideas before you make the final decision on one idea and start working with it. Some of the tools are sketching, brainstorming and a lot more. Before you can prepare your mind for this wonderful process, let find out more about its importance in oneself.

Why You need to use ideation for your business or project ideas?

ideation should not only focus on project or business. It can be anything about our lives such as career, relationships, lifestyle and a whole lot more. Do you think it is necessary to use it in life? Assuming, you crave for two meal one afternoon, your decision to select one and the best, depends on the criteria you list for it, and based on this you can make the decision. This is how ideation also work. We can use its power to finalize on what ideas we want to develop and how clear we want our ideas to be.

It gives a clear view of the idea

Ideation-gives-a clear-view

When you really want to work on your idea you will need ideation for your concepts. Whatever ideas you have in your head can never have a clear picture because they are in the raw state which means there will be a lot of dot to work on, in order to bring meaning to the concept you want to develop. You can never work on them when you are in the raw state, it only becomes clearer when you work on them by starting with this process, ideation. You will also harness your focus and direction because the picture is clear to work with it, including people like stakeholders around you will understand the idea and move with the business train with you.

Overcome problems along the way

When you are in the ideation process, all the loopholes on the way from concepting the idea to the materializing of the idea is uncover because with it, you will need to ask yourself some questions plus some ideation tools to figure out the some problems along which you might encounter when you start working on the idea. It will help you to identify the risk on the idea and efforts you have to put in place in order to make it a success.

Find the right solutions to the problem

Most of the big brands which have the nicer ideas you can think of, also have this in mind, the ability to find right solution to the problem people face. Even the small brands with the growth mindset in mind, also have this as their core drive to push their dreams. For your ideas to have the longevity in the system or the marketplace, you need to have this in mind, providing solutions to problems. The brainstorming stage of ideation process will help you to figure out what solution you can provide for peoples' problem in addition to that, the feature and the uniqueness of the end result of your idea which can be a product or service. This will help you to ascertain the actual problem known and will assist the idea creator which is you, to create products or services that meet their needs.

Ideation help you to create attention

When you are able to use the tools in the ideation process, and pay attention all the little details your ideas needs and work on it. You developed the habit of paying attention to details and keeping customers needs at heart, because you have come into realization what they want for their lives and work towards it with them.

Discover the power of some of the idea process in this Podcast Episode:

Developing the readiness of the mind for ideation process

When I was writing my debut book, Win You a quote came in mind which state " the mind is powerful that it can make the best out the worst or the worst out of the best, so use it well" absolutely, the mind is one of the powerful asset or resources we have in us, your readiness to make your ideas work and become successfully depends on how well you use it and how well you allow the mind to know you.

Here are some actions to consider when you want to work with it :

  • Believe in yourself that you can create wonderful ideas too.

  • Have confidence in your ideas.

  • Block all the comparism voice you often hear regarding your ideas.

  • Start the habit of notetaking where you can jot down all your ideas.

  • Start with atomic habits.


What ideas are you going to work on and how are going to do that?

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